How to know who visit your facebook profile

We all use Facebook because it helps us to stay connected with our family and friend. But, there are many fake facebook accounts are still living on Facebook. So, we are curious for or security and once the question has appeared in the mind that, Can we know who visited my facebook profile?

For finding the answer if this question many people’s search it on the Internet and they find that some apps and sites claim that they will show you the list of peoples who visited your facebook profile. But, most of these services are fake and they just take our personal information and give us the fake list of peoples who visited our Facebook profile.

So, do not worry and there is no need to scratch your head for the answer to this question. I m here, going to share some unofficial ways which will help you to find out who visited your facebook profile.

Is it safe to find who visited my facebook profile?

There are many apps and sites available on the Internet which claim that they will let you know who visited your facebook profile. But, most of these site stoles your Facebook logins, personal data and also spam the user profile. Facebook says that you should not share login info with any person.

But, this is the most demanded question on Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. that how can we know who visited my Facebook Profile? So, we are going to tell about it. If you feel safe then you can try the below methods.

Method 1: With the help of Chrome Extension

Here, this is the best and easiest method to find who visited your facebook profile. You just need to add a Chrome Extension for it. Follow below processes:

Step 1: Use Google Chrome and then Search for Social Profile extension on Google. Click on Add Extension.
Step 2: Now, wait for the download complete. After that click on a visit to
Step 3: Now, just you visit the timeline after login to Facebook, you will see the one new option Visitors is added.
Method 2: With the help of Friend List
Step 1: Go to from desktop or open Facebook App on your Mobile and log in with your mail id and password.
Step 2: Now, click on your name. Which is showing in the middle, this will take you to your Facebook profile.
Step 3: Now, click on the Friends option. This will open your Friend List.
Step 4: Now, check the Top 10 or 20 results which are appearing first. These top peoples are mostly connected with you comes to your profile.
Method 3: With the help of Status
Step 1: Now, same as the above method, Go to

Step 2: Now, click on the status box which is available in New Feed as shown in below image. Here can type what going on your mind and share it with your friends.
Step 3: Here you can write anything like, a joke, which gives positive vibes.
Step 4: Now, click on the Post button from the bottom-right corner.
Step 5: Now, wait for sometimes (almost 8hrs.) to get some good amount of likes. After getting some likes on your post, check the list of peoples who liked your post.
The peoples who are coming at first or top will be the peoples who almost visit your profile many times or they recently visited.

Final Words

So, these are some methods with help of which you can find the peoples who recently visited your facebook profile and he or she may have an eye on you. I suggest you do not use some third-party apps or sites because they are fake and they just stoles your personal information which is not good for you.

After stealing personal information from you they sell it in a high amount of price. So, you can use the above three methods which are natural and does not harm to you and your personal information. I hope this article is helpful to you and you have finally found who has visited your Facebook profile yet.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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