How To Edit and Combine PDF Files?

In many Offices, Schools, Companies etc. places the use of PDF files is very much. They use the PDF files as an official document. But, the problem is of arranging these PDF files. But now, don’t worry about it I’m here to guide you, How you can combine PDF in one document and Edit PDF?

If you are on Mac or in Windows it doesn’t matter because I brought a guide for these both platforms and this method is totally free.

  • For Windows

Now, download Adobe Acrobat DC Software in your computer. Yes, it is premium but you can use the trial version of it.

Step-1 Download and install this Software in your Computer and install it.

Step-2 After installing the Software click on the “Tools” option. It is available at the top left -hand corner.

Step-3  Now click on the Combine Files option.

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Step-4 Click on Add Files tab and choose your PDF files which you want to combine.

Step-5 After selecting the PDF files which you want to merge, click on the Combine button located at the top-right corner.

Step-6 Now your files are successfully merged and converted into one document. Now, you can save that document with the new name by clicking on File and then click on Save As a name that file and location where you want to save it.

  • For Mac

The latest version of MacOS will help you to see the preview of PDF files which you are combining and what you are doing with it. If you want to combine the PDF files as soon as possible then follow our steps properly.

Step-1 First of all open the Finder and then select all the PDF files which you want to combine.

Step-2 Open all the files and then bring these files in a simple preview. If your Mac has a large screen then it is quite easy to handle it. You can at least see two previews window at the same time.

Step-3 For each Window preview click on View and select the Thumbnail. This feature will open the previews of your PDFs with the thumbnail.

Step-4 Use Drag and Drop feature and create exactly PDF by dragging the thumbnails into a specific order.

There are viewable prompts on where pages will show up as you snap, drag, and drop them (they might be commonplace on the off chance that you use PowerPoint). These incorporate a divider line that appears if a page is being hauled above or underneath the present page. Utilize these signs to abstain from committing errors while shaping your lord report. You can likewise rework and pivot pages as needed.

Step-5 After doing these all thing, don’t forget to rename the new file otherwise you may get confused.

  • The Web Method 

This is the best way to merge the PDF files and it is good news for you is that it allows you to merge any type of files. If you don’t want to install and additional software and want to merge the PDF quickly then this method will save your most of the time.

But this software has some size limit. But, it doesn’t care about from where the file is coming and where it will go.

There are many tools for merging PDFs, but if any of these tools make any formatting problem then you can try another one. Below is the list of PDFs Merging tools.

  • PDFMerge:- Open this website. You can merge the minimum four files at once. Keep in mind that if you are merging the file which is under 10 MB then you can merge it in free. If you merge more then that then you have to pay some money for it.
  • PDF Joiner:- This Software allows combining at least 20 files at once.


  • How To Edit PDF Files?

Step-1 Open Acrobat.

Step-2 Insert the PDF file in this software which you want to edit.

Step-3 Now, select the text or image which you want to edit. Acrobat will show you the tools which you may need.

Step-4 You can edit or Add the text and images. You can resize the size of elements by dragging.

Step-5 Add, replace, edit, move the images by using Objects list.




Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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