How To Create RAMDisk ? How To Use RAM As Hard Drive ??

Every one of us wants faster storage space on our computers. There is faster storage available like SSDs but they are considerably costlier. But, on the computers, there are always ways around it. If you have a lot of RAM space left unused, you can use them as your HardDisk space for quick access. The excess RAM space can easily help us give the extra edge on the games or watch High Definition Movies without any lags. Usage of RAM as a HardDisk is termed as RAMDisk. It is a virtual hybrid term created using the two names. SSDs are actually RAMDisk but they are way costlier than using the RAM to achieve this.

You might wonder why this so right? RAM is a high-speed memory location in our CPUs for faster storage access. They are used only for the running apps. Since they are used only for this purpose, they are cheaper than the SSDs. Every time you load a file, it comes from the Hard Disk to RAM and then loads. But with RAMDisk, you will notice that the time will be reduced. If the data is directly present on the RAM, we do not have to load it from the Hard Disk hence save time. But, as we said earlier, RAM is a volatile memory and all the data stored on the RAMDisk will be gone once the computer is shut down. Always keep in mind to store important data in Hard Disk no matter if they take a little extra time to load than storing them on your RAMDisk.

How To Create A RAMDisk?

First, we need to know if our computer really has free RAM space for us to use it as a RAMDisk. For example, Windows OS requires 2GB of RAM for its proper functioning. Along with that, we need around 1GB for RAM for other software which will be running on our computers. Hence, if you have at least a 4GB RAM, it will be suitable for making a RAMDisk. Also, Windows 32-bit OS supports a maximum of 4GB RAM only. If you are running the 64-bit OS, then you can easily use more space of your RAM for RAMDisk space.

One of the easy ways of creating a RAMDisk is to use some software made for it. There are many paid software available but we will go with the free one. “Dataram RAMDisk” is a major free RAMDisk software available for easy download. Along with that, we have AMD Radeon’s RAMDisk software and ImDisk too.

If you are using Windows 10, you can follow any of the below-mentioned software to make your own RAMDisk.

Dataram RAMDisk Software

Follow the below steps to make your very own RAMDisk software using Dataram RAMDisk:

  1. Install Dataram RAMDisk software from their official website.
  2. Switch on to View->Advanced for a clear UI of the software.
  3. In the Settings Tab, select the size of your RAMDisk. (In the free version, you can select only 1GB as the size. Paid Version offers up to 64GB!).
  4. In the Load/Save Tab, Check Load Disk Image At Startup option and Save Disk Image At Shutdown option. With this settings, you can easily save your data when the computer is shut down. This is an important step since RAM is a volatile memory.
  5. In the Options Tab, click on Start RAMDisk to activate it.

You can check if the RAMDisk is made in This PC. RAMDisk will appear similar to that of a Local Disk space. If at any point you want to stop using it, it can be done easily by the software.

AMD Radeon RAMDisk Software

If you are concerned with the 1GB space given by the Dataram RAMDisk software, you can use AMD Radeon RAMDisk software for convenience. The steps are similar to the Dataram RAMDisk software.

ImDisk Software

If the 4GB RAMDisk space is also a concern for you, then you can use the open source ImDisk software for making RAMDisk. The virtual disk driver will help you create RAMDisk of your desired size without any limitations.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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