How does Google Maps predict traffic

Most of us use Google Maps for finding the fastest route which saves our time and that route should not have a massive amount of traffic there. I was using Google Maps and going out of the city with the help of it. But, Google Maps showed me another alternative route of it because Google somehow knows that Highway has too much traffic.

Now, after sometime Google again took me to the Highway right where the construction vehicles who are holding up traffic and blocking the road.

I could not help them but I was feeling lucky and it gave me satisfaction that Google Maps saved my Lot of time. At that time the question arise in mind that “How Does Google Maps Predicts traffic?” So, I done some research on it and found the working behind it. So, I think to share the working behind it with all of you in this article.

How do Google Maps know Real-Time Traffic?

You are reading this article that means you have an Android Phone or iPhone because of which you will be able to read this article.

Your phone having a Google Maps in it and when you Start your phone for the first time after purchasing you have to set it up with your Gmail ID and it also asks for enabling the “location sharing” feature of your phone.

So, after you enable this location in your phone when Google asks you after that it means you are unknowingly helping Google for finding the amount of traffic.

So, does it means Google is taking data from you? Yes, when you enable the “Location” in your phone after that Google Starts tracking your phone location and also taking a bit of data through it. With that Google find how fast you are driving your Car or bike and also analyze the number of cars running at that area with the help of your Phone Location because everyone is using Android phone or iPhone and it has Google. With the data of all of you, they find the amount of traffic.

There are many different kinds of apps available as GPS mapping but they do not enough data. Google is using by everyone and it also trusts by most of the people. Google has enough data for it.

So, next time when you are using Google Maps then you will be aware of the Working of Google Maps. If someone asks about the working of it so that you can explain to them also about it and make a good impression.

Final Words

So, we all use Google for doing most of our work and one of the most useful apps which we use when we go to an unknown city with an unknown road that is Google Maps. In this article, have explained that ‘How Does Google Maps Predict Traffic’.

So, I hope this article is helpful and informative too for you guys. If you have doubt then comment below we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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