How Dangerous Is Using VPN?

Many of the users will be familiar with VPN (Virtual Private Network) using them. We use VPN Network to access blocked contents or browse through a different network. VPN also helps the user to browse the web securely. However, all the VPNs created are not totally secure. Many research has shown that out of 283 VPN app present for Android, 38% are dangerous. They inject virus or malware in the system. Further, 18% of them never encrypt the users’ traffic. But, it is seen that less than 1 percent of users have reported any privacy issue regarding these apps.

Free VPNs

If you install Free VPNs app for protection, you are in contradiction here. Free and VPNs are never on the same side. Hola, a very famous free VPN provider is based on the P2P network. That means the users’ data are sent through the traffic of other users channel. In a report, it was found that Facebook’s owned ‘Protect’ used users data to monitor Snapchat. It was getting data of how much time the app was used by the user in their mobile phones. While this is a breach of trust, Facebook used it to monitor on its competitors.

If people go for the paid versions, it assures them a lot of protection. Some app might log your data and if you live in a censorship area, it might be a problem for you later. However, using them will give the users a lot of privacy and security than the free versions.

How To Check Your VPN Connection?

There are many websites which offer the users to check their VPN Connection. They specify the connection status and if any leak has occurred. is a website which reviews the privacy of the users. Leakcheckers website allows the users to check the leak of their data through the VPN networks. For the people who think this might not matter, a hacker named Guccifer 2.0 location was exposed as in Russia rather than the believed Romania. It is also important to know if your VPN service uses the OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN protocol provides enhanced security and protection. Always be aware to check if the network is connected or else you might be exposed to the web.

What Data VPN Network Collects?

The VPNs log the users’ data for using them for earning money. Most of the people install VPN for privacy but they don’t know that these VPNs log their data. The VPN Network requires a lot of cost for their servers hence they sell the data they collect to earn the money for it. However, ‘ExpressVPN’ and ‘NordVPN’ have explicitly stated that they will not collect users’ data.

In the data section, the Network may collect your payment information and there can be nothing worse than that. They can easily take money from your bank account and leave people empty-handed. Never make payments when the VPNs are switched on as they might collect the important details and withdraw money from your bank account.


As we use the Network to ensure safety and privacy, we must read the policy well in advance. Most of the VPNs are dangerous and collect our personal data which might be harmful to us. Selecting the perfect VPN based on your requirement is the most important part. If you want to ensure extra privacy, the better option is to use a paid VPN service rather than the free ones.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

  1. Vpn’s that keep no logs such as Nordvpn based in Panama is the one you should go to if looking for a premium provider! Vpn’s reputations is everything when it comes to your security, that is why everyone should do a comprehensive review before buying a subscription.

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