Here’s the new MacOS Mojave 10.14

A lot of focus has been on the latest iOS version lately. However, Apple has not ignored the Mac too. Recently in the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference), Apple has announced a launch of new MacOS for the MacBook users. The new update for the MacBook has a lot of features like the Dark Mode (Better than Windows even in the Beta stage), Gallery View and a lot more. Alongside this, Apple has promoted cross-platform development by allowing iOS apps to run directly on the MacOS.

We have made a list of all the new features in the new MacOS Mojave 10.14 to assure you that the new update is really too good.

Dark Mode

The talk of the new update has been the Dark Mode feature introduced in the new MacOS. The Dark Mode is an addition which was promised by Apple to be included in it MacBooks. Microsoft has been trying a lot on the Dark Mode for the comfortability for the users. However, even in the beta version, Apple seems to have bet its competitors in their platform. The Dark Mode helps users who stare at the screen for long hours continuously to prevent any damage to their eyes. Apple has implemented the feature quite well maintaining the stability between their applications. The new feature has one major limitation that is actually obvious in the beta version. Many apps already developed will require a new update to become compatible with the dark mode.


Another good feature added in the new update is the stacks. For the people who prefer to keep their desktop neat, they can use this feature to do so easily. By clicking anywhere on the desktop, the user can select the option “Use the Stacks” to arrange the elements on the desktop. When the feature is enabled, the new additions are automatically arranged in a grid format and same apps stack over each other.

Gallery View

Apple is holding on to its creative standards. Just like Dark Mode, Gallery View is handy for users. Users can view the items present on the desktop using the Gallery View which is a successor for Cover Flow. It relies on a bottom scroll bar rather than large images. It is placed at the bottom right corner in the Finder. This feature might not be useful for the majority of people but are still preferred by users who like the feature.


Again, this is a great addition for people who want to capture their screen for the activities but useful for few people only. For the people who prefer taking screenshots on Mac, it is a bit tedious task for them as MacBook does not have inbuilt feature for it. But, with the new update, using Shift-Command-5, users can take screenshots of the entire screen or part of it easily.

Continuity Camera

Now, users can easily take photos from their devices and display it in their Macbook. For making this possible, users have to just go to Edit -> Insert From iPhone. Capture the image on the phone and it will directly be displayed on the Mac screen.


One of the great additions to the new update is that FaceTime now supports Group FaceTimes. It will now support up to 32 people together at the same time. It is made properly and implemented well. When a person speaks, its window is automatically zoomed in and is displayed in a larger window compare to others. When the user feels that the chat has become boring, they can use emojis to make the chats a fun time.

iOS Apps

Apple is taking steps towards the development of cross-platform implementation. It is now allowing a lot of iOS apps to be used in the MacBook. For starting things, Apple has brought the Mac App Store – a collection of the apps. Apple News, Stocks, Home and other apps are included, to begin with. It will take time for getting up to the level but it is a nice addition to the MacBooks.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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