Have A Look At Google’s New Plan That Will Stalk Your Social Media Accounts

Google is back again with a new plan regarding social media. You can’t guess what it is about. There is nothing related with its failure in chat apps or Google Plus. Google has a plan for recognizing human faces using social media. Yes! Now you guessed it correctly! Stalking on your social media profiles is the key plan of Google for implementing its new way of recognizing human faces. Google presented a new way of “Facial Recognition with Social Network Aiding” in its recently approved patent. As the idea suggests, it is an attempt to use social media for better recognition of human faces. Reverse Image Search system is based on visual cues in photos. Matching such visual cues with other similar photos helps in Reverse Image Search. But, this system is a complete failure. This feature requires the image to be of a high resolution. Unless you search using a well-lighted photo, Google won’t be able to provide you with accurate results.

This system requires some major improvements. The issue of irrelevant results has always been a problem for this system. For example, you search using your high school friend’s profile picture, it will only return some relevant Facebook accounts using the photo. Google is now back with the new system that will turn the entire system of Reverse Image Search. Apart from visual cues, artificial intelligence will help to identify human faces using data from personal social media platforms.

This is how it works

For example, you enter a “visual query” in the form of image, screenshot or even a scanned image. The system would use artificial intelligence for analyzing the image and look for the photos that are visually similar with the help of personal social media resources. Rather than simply using visual cues, Google will now use the software to additionally build extra confidence in the person’s identity. Google will try to provide accurate results using accurate data sources. For these accurate data sources, Google will collect data about your age, hometown, occupation, gender, etc. So, Google’s aim is to provide you with the images relevant to your query.

Let’s have a look at one practical example. Inputting an image of your co-worker with whom you have several connections over social media – say Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, will provide you with 100% accurate results. The new software works on the authenticity of the person’s identity. So, when you input your co-worker’s image, system will quickly identify the one you are looking for as you both are socially connected.

Also, when you search for any of your childhood friend, the same process occurs. Reason: you both belong to the same hometown, approximately same age group, and same school.

Software Yet To Come

It is yet to see how Google uses the technology after the patent falls. But, we are pretty sure that Google Photos and Reverse Image Search will improve.

Google isn’t using data sources that could be worrisome for you unless you belong to some secret government officials. Also, this system could help law enforcement agencies to identify people or search for people.

Amazon’s Rekognituon is a feature rich AI that provides real-time facial recognition. But, it is only for police departments in Florida, Orlando, and Washington Country, Oregon. For now, we could expect a competing product from Google.

The patent clearly states that in certain cases, a person would have to opt-in to have their identity appear in search results. So, unless the working software appears, we could not say anything about what and whose data will be used by Google. This is something to watch for as many people would not like their identities to be shown as search results.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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