Grasshopper teaches people to code and Google has made it free for all through the app

Google recently announced its plan to launch ‘Area 120’, an in-house startup incubation center under the executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz. The 120 in the name is inspired by the idea of Gmail and Adsense that they ask their employees to devote their 1/5th of the working hours in planning and executing something they are interested in. The employees have to pitch their idea just like how they will do it normally to any other company and if selected, they will be asked to work full time on their ideas. Recently, a group of employees pitched their idea and after receiving the approval launched their application on the Play Store and the App Store.

What is Grasshopper ?

an Android and iOs free application recently launched by a group of Google employees enables the users to learn the basics of programming. The application is designed very well and can be used by anyone who knows how to operate the mobile phone on their own. The application asks the users to solve simple problems and attend quiz questions which will make them learn the basics of JavaScript, a programming language easily. The application is made like a game and is named after Grace Hopper, a programming pioneer which includes three sets of lessons covering the basic fundamentals of JavaScript such as variables, objects, calling functions and others with animations. The basic idea is to help the users learn the programming language by using it for few minutes daily and is also made interactive by posting new challenges daily. Basically, this application is designed for people who are lazy enough as it has an easy and simple approach to make learning easier and people can go through some quick challenges instead of wasting their time scrolling through the social networking sites while commuting or in their free time.

Grasshopper also has an online JavaScript playground where the users can make their own JavaScript codes and test their skills on it. After finishing with JS on Grasshopper, users can move on to learn HTML, CSS, Designing Web sites and learning algorithms for free on Coursera classes.

Google has taken quite a step to preserve the talent and interest of its employees by giving them the opportunity to pitch their ideas and work on it full time while being the employee of Google. Grasshopper is the latest idea which has emerged from Google’s in-house incubation center and can help a lot many people learn programming languages with very little or no knowledge of programming. Another product, UpTime was recently launched which helps the people watch YouTube videos together with their friends or other members. Supersonic, a messaging app was also launched recently for people who love expressing themselves through emojis.

Take some time from your day’s busy schedule and spend it on Grass Hopper to gain quick knowledge about programming through their application available on Play Store or the App Store.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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