Gorakhpur based space startup Abyom Spacetech and Defense planning to build reusable launch vehicles

  • Gorakhpur-based space startup Abyom Spacetech and Defense has been in the news for their innovative ideas to build a reusable launch vehicle.
  • Reusable launch vehicles will cut down the cost of space missions by promoting recycling and also reduce pollution due to space debris.
  • CEO of Abyom, Jainul Abedin has revealed the possibility for the first launch of the reusable launch vehicle in 2024.

What is Abyom Spacetech and Defense?

Abyom Spacetech and Defense is a Gorakhpur-based space startup that builds reusable launch vehicles(RLV). Most of the launch vehicles currently used by the Indian space sector are not efficient in the sense they cannot be reused for new launches over and over. This presents scientists with a dual range of problems. Number one, due to its inability to be recycled for future launches, these launch vehicles are not at all cost-efficient. This means every time the government plans to send a satellite to space, for telecommunication services catering to the nation or on behalf of foreign nations, the scientists have to build a new launch vehicle. Another major problem due to the lack of reusable utility of these launch vehicles is the amount of space waste that is accumulated after their purpose is served. This waste, also known as space debris, is a major threat to the ecosystem.

Here is where Abyom comes in. The primary intention of the space startup launch in 2020 is to make India’s space sector fully reusable. In this manner, the Earth can also be fully protected from degrading debris.

This startup is supported by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs; Govt. Of India and is also recognized by DPIIT(Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) and Startup India. Jainul Abedin is the Founding Director and CEO of this startup. A bright young and driven mind, he was fascinated by Rocket Science quite early on. In recent interviews, he attributes this keen interest in space to none other than the missile man of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, with whom he shares a common name. Soon, therefore, after finishing his secondary education, he took a direct plunge into this field. Abysm Spacetech and Defense under Abedin’s guidance, quickly recognized that one of the most major problems and challenging aspects of this field is that of Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLV) which needed solving. Such challenges brought out the best of this young man and as an entrepreneur, he quickly nosedived in this challenge to find a solution. Despite being from a pure science background, having derived a comprehensive education in Physics, Jainul started reading about Aerospace Engineering from different books and websites to make himself capable enough of finding a solution to this lack of safeguards against space pollution.

Aim of Abyom Spacetech and Defense

This is no new knowledge that space missions are hugely expensive. A major chunk of that cost goes behind building a suitable rocket for launch that serves the purpose sought by the government. In such tangles of bureaucracy, when tons of government funds are exhausted over the aforementioned aim of building a rocket, scientists are forced to ignore the environment.

The launch vehicles used in the variety of space missions can only be used once and hence becomes unusable. This is the major problem addressed by Abyom Spacetech and Defense, Reusable Launch Vehicles will not only make these rockets reusable but in the same tune also bring down the cost of space missions by manifold. This move will also allow scientists to cut down on space debris and other space-related waste materials. Space debris also called space trash or space garbage consists of nonfunctional artificial objects particularly close to the Earth’s orbit. Such space waste includes abandoned spacecraft, abandoned launch vehicle stages, fragmentation debris from the breakup of abandoned rocket bodies, and so on. Other examples of space waste which contributes to pollution includes solidified liquids expelled from spacecraft, and unburned particles from solid rocket motors. Space debris represents a risk to spacecraft. Due to efforts like those of Abyom the amount of rocket waste in space too will see a significant decline. In this manner, both space companies and the Earth ecosystem will benefit hugely.

Future opportunities for Abyom in the current market

The hyped space startup is currently looking to gather enough funding for its first launch. Jainul had himself gone to many competitions to raise money for the startup and now his objective is to raise funds for the launch. According to the CEO of Abyom, they are targeting their first launch somewhere around the year 2024 and are working day and night towards this goal. Abyom has also launched a research training program to raise funds. In this program, online training is provided to students and even researchers in the field of Rocket Science. Currently, India’s contribution to the global space industry accounts for less than 2 percent but if this startup is successful, that number will be expected to go sky-high. India will soon find itself walking toe to toe with developed nations in the area of innovation in the space sector.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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