Google’s DeepMind on developing artificial intelligence Al to predict death

So, on what DeepMind is focusing to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the betterment of mankind? DeepMind is working on a technology that can solve the problem of stagnation of patient in hospitals. The Google sister-company was provided with historical medical records of more than 700,000 US authorities. By providing these records, it is aiming to make AI learn to predict what changes in the condition of the patient that, unchecked or undetected, lead the patient to death.

How will DeepMind work on this technology?

DeepMind and VA (Veterans Administration) will work together as partners along with world-wide master-minds such as clinicians and researchers for this technology. It will be under Government’s control. US Government has always proved to be the best when it comes to find human-misconceptions and overcoming it.


But, this technology can prove to be a great transformation in the medical field. If this technology will be implemented successfully, it will bring an enormous change to the medical field and the mankind.

What changes this technology could bring in the medical field?


Basically, number of nurses are appointed for monitoring and taking care of patients. Since, it is impossible and impractical to monitor and take care of each and every patient, patients are monitored remotely through technologies such as EKGs and respirators. For proper care of each and every patient, doctors and nurses make rounds at regular intervals, checking each patient individually. Alarms are also set at central station, but practically, none of the patient acquires proper care most of the time because practically it is impossible to watch all the patient at the same time.


The third largest reason/cause of death in US is human-error in the medical field which is unbelievable. If DeepMind could make AI to figure out why stagnation of patient takes place, it will prove to be the greatest technology in the history of medical field. Instead of machines and humans, AI will take over the monitoring duties. Also, it is practical and feasible for AI to monitor each and every patient 24/7. Computers do not require rest or gets tired, and can function without any breaks.

What overall impact this technology could create in the world?


This technology may not instantly replace machines and humans from the duties of monitoring patients, but it will bring a start in using AI for monitoring patients. All the personal information derived from service members’ records were wiped off in order to maintain privacy of the veterans. The team concentrated on a specific issue to work hard more and more for bringing up the technology in the future. DeepMind is undoubtedly, the wittiest team in AI research. So, no other entity could work on this approach towards the medical field. This technology may make our lives better and we can expect expected lifespans in the near future.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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