Google to Expand AI Content Tool in India Soon

Google is set to launch its AI-powered content creation tool, Product Studio, for merchants in India in the coming weeks. This expansion will enhance the capabilities available to Indian merchants, allowing them to generate both images and videos from text prompts or single photos.

Announced at the Google Marketing Live event on May 22, Product Studio will also be introduced in Japan. Matt Madrigal, Vice-President of Merchant Shopping at Google, stated in a blog post, “Product Studio will also give you the ability to generate videos from just one photo… Product Studio is now available in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US in Merchant Center Next and the Google and YouTube app on Shopify, and coming to India and Japan in the next few weeks.”

Launched last year, Product Studio initially enabled merchants to generate images by simply inputting text prompts. The new features, unveiled on May 22, will now allow users to create videos, including short videos or GIFs, from a single image. “New Product Studio features continue to put the power of Google AI in the hands of merchants,” Madrigal explained. “Just upload an image that represents your aesthetic, add a prompt describing the scene, and within moments, Product Studio will generate campaign-ready content.”

This tool aims to attract merchants and diversify Google’s product offerings for small businesses. The data collected from these merchants will help Google refine its AI models, improving the quality of responses as user interactions increase.

Google has been rapidly expanding its presence in India, which is its largest market by user count. The $10 billion Google for India Digitisation Fund, announced in 2022, underscores this commitment. Recently, Google launched the Google Wallet app for Android users in India, partnering with multiple e-commerce and ticketing platforms. The company has also aggressively rolled out AI offerings in India, including the Gemini AI and AI-enabled search features.

In March, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, announced several initiatives to help voters navigate AI-generated content, safeguard its platforms from abuse, and prevent the misuse of false information.

With the upcoming launch of Product Studio in India, Google continues to enhance its suite of tools available to merchants, driving innovation and providing sophisticated content creation capabilities.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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