Google reverts Android Messaging app to old design and removes new dark mode

On Thursday, Google seemed to roll out a new update of its Android Messaging app. A new, redesigned version of the Android Messaging app featured some visual changes like elimination of the blue bar at the top and switching the font style to the company’s Google Sans font. The company also introduced a new dark mode as an alternative to the default messaging theme.

New theme

The new redesigned Messaging app had a Material theme. Earlier, XDA Developers found a way to install this theme in its 3.3 version. It is not just a complete new UI, but the inclusion of complete dark mode as well.

The new UI is completely different from the old one as it looks entirely different. Also, Android Messaging app never had a dark theme earlier. It is not the first Google-made application to receive a dark theme, as YouTube got the one recently. The countries where SMS is heavily used, the redesign of the messaging app and a dark theme is likely to come.

Google is adjusting a number of first party applications to adopt new Material Design theme. These apps include Gmail, Google Photos, and many more. The redesigned version of Android Messaging app suggests that many other applications will receive material theme in the future.

If you haven’t got the new update, you can download the latest APK of the Android Messaging app from APKMirror. If the app still doesn’t work for you, you have to probably wait for it.

Google reverts to the old design

But, Reddit users found that Google has reverted to the traditional Android Messages design. Those users who installed the most recent update also found that their messaging app was reverted to the traditional style. Google has the server-side ability to change the appearance of Messages anytime. So, if you had any new Messages yesterday, you’ll find them appearing different today.

Some users are not happy with this decision of the company. They had also complained about this as they were not able to assign custom colors to chat bubbles for different chats. But, it is unlikely that Google would back its decision based on the feedback and complaints alone.

The dark mode seemed to have many issues or the company might have found a bug with the new update. It is possible that the redesigned layout started appearing to the users before Google actually intended. Due to any of these reasons, Google might have reverted to the old design. The redesigned version of the Android Messaging app looked attractive. Users were happy to have a new look of their Android Messaging app. Hope we get it back!

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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