Uber Booking Feature Has Been Removed From Google Maps for Andriod

Recently, Uber has opted out of Google Maps to let users book rides directly from the maps. The feature was removed last year from the iOS devices. The removal of the feature from Android phones makes the app stand same on both the platforms. In 2017, Google let its users’ book Uber rides directly from the Maps while tracking the routes. It made it easier for the people as they can just put the destination and book a ride directly. But, the feature, lasted only for 18 months and was short-lived when it was removed from the Maps. Google Maps allowed the users to book Uber rides directly without even having the app installed. But, the search firm removed the feature silently.

Google updated a support page where they directly mentioned that “Users can no longer book Uber rides directly from the Google Maps. It will still show fares from Uber which the user can compare and book from the Uber App“.

With the new feature, Uber had gained upper hand on its competitors. Google’s ride-sharing page displayed fares from nearly 17 different services. But, only Uber rides were available to be booked directly without even leaving the app. But the removal means that Uber is back on terms with its competitors like Ola, Lyft, and Gett. The Uber prices will be available for the users to see according to the timing and routes. However, the users have to get onto the Uber app to complete the booking.

 Why Did Google Shut The Feature Down?

There can be many reasons for the move. Recently, Google’s parent company Alphabet funded $1 billion in Lyft. Due to a conflict of interests, Google might have made this move. Either way, Uber is trying to partner with Waymo and they would want to depend more on their app itself. But, it still allows users to look at the Google Maps for comparing fares among different services. The users can still look up for Uber ride prices for the route. They can select the Uber option which will take them to the Uber app. Through the app, users can make the booking for their rides.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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