Google Jobs Is Coming For People Of UK

Google is not just about searching websites through their search. It has added more and more feature over time. The search engine has included cinemas tickets and flight ticket booking earlier. Now, they are introducing a lot many features in it. For example, in the UK, Google is displaying job openings in their search engine.

People searching for jobs will be able to use the Job feature of Google to know about the salary, reviews and also the transport time using Google Maps.

The Job Search Feature

In the recent blog post made by Google, they explained the job search feature. Google will be sending emails regarding the jobs which are posted when the users are not browsing on the search engine. One of the features which separate it from the other existing feature is that people will be able to know the commute time from their home to the office. The route is determined using Google Maps whose prediction is nearly accurate.

If you are looking forward to using the feature, here is how it works. Finding a new job is easy with the new Google feature. Users who are looking for jobs can simply Google it out. Users can search like, ‘teaching jobs’ will list the teaching specification jobs available nearby and around. If the users are concerned with the travelling distance, they can simply Google ‘Jobs Near Me’. It will prioritize distance and show the relevant jobs. Google uses Gumtree, TotalJobs, The Guardian Jobs, and Reed to display the relevant search results.

The new job tool will also show information regarding salary. Along with that, the ratings other employees have given will also be displayed in the search results. For more information, users can simply click on the website and research more about the openings.

The job search tool also helps the people to save the listings they find for later use. Since Google is synced, users can easily pick up the saved listings from other devices. It also gives them options to set up email alerts notifying the users when necessary.


Google Jobs feature made its debut last year in the US. After that, it was introduced in many other countries as part of its “Digital Garage Program”. The program offers training in digital skills and products. It has already proved beneficial for thousands of users.

After the US, Google expanded its Jobs feature to India and Canada. Now, Google Jobs is making its entry into the UK. It is predicted that the new feature introduced in the UK will help nearly 1,00,000 people to find jobs by 2020. Hence, it will be of great help to the country and the people.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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