Google is rolling out the new Gmail, compulsory by October

Earlier this year, Google came up with the new Gmail design and features. Google has announced that the users will be able to switch on to the new design voluntarily. Google has enhanced the Gmail platform with new features like message snoozing, offline support, attachments preview, nudge, confidential message, and much more.

New Features Added On In Gmail

Google has looked forward to changing the layout of the current Gmail completely. Along with it, several other features are included as mentioned in their blog post. A confidential message mode is added which will set the expiration time for messages. The user can send sensitive data with an expiration time to safeguard the confidential data. Thus, the message will be deleted as soon as time expires. Further, the user can send links to actual content rather than the whole content to safely delete the mail. Snoozing and nudging will be available for the user especially for the emails which require a response. The new Gmail will help the users keep the important emails at the top of the inbox for easy access. When an attachment is hovered using the mouse cursor, it opens a small box previewing the file in a dialog box.

In the design aspect, the collapsable side panel is added on to the right side. Thus, Google Calendar, Keeps, and Tasks can be placed which are handy tools. An offline mode feature is added which helps the user send and receive mail whenever they get an internet connection.

How To Use The New Gmail?

Earlier, Google announced that the G suite users (Business organizations or companies who have paid account) will have access to opt-in for the new Gmail under the Early Adopter Program (EAP). But, Google announced a General Availability (GA) to the regular users by July. Although no specific date is said, we expect Google to come up with the new feature for General public soon enough. For the G Suite users, the organization can choose to change the Gmail for all the individuals. The individuals do not have the option to opt-in or out of the service. But, as said in July the individuals will have more choice. They will be opt-in our out of the service manually without the organization deciding it.

But, both the regular users and G Suite users lose their choice to opt-in or opt-out later. After 8-12 weeks of July rollout, it will be made compulsory for everyone to use the new Gmail. Google will be deleting the old Gmail and will shift every user on to the new Gmail platform. The opt-out option will be able to go back to the old Gmail until the compulsory release happens in September or October.

Google is giving all its user time to prepare themselves for the new Gmail. While the details to migrate regular users has not been announced, they will be doing it sooner once the G Suite is done. Most of the people like the new Gmail hence it won’t be much problem for Google. Many are trying to get their hands on it as soon as possible for features like nudging, self-destructive mail and so on.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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