Google cleaning up apps to play store like Apple’s footsteps

As we all use the Google’s play store before and we also noticed that there were too many fake apps were also published to the Play Store. But now Google take a firm step to resolve this problem. So after the update version of the company’s Developer’s Policy, this week the company will now ban the huge variety of this kind of mischievous apps which includes cryptocurrency miners and many other related apps as these kinds of apps selling firearms and accessories whose main agenda is to trick children so that they download the adult- themed apps or the fake apps which were developed by using templates. This is not the first time when a company restrict the fake apps, itis interesting to know that last December Apple also did this due to which Apple became the part of controversies that also degrade the fake developers personalities. Due to which U.S. Congressman took a stand for Apple and clarify the whole policy and intension of Apple.

As we discussed earlier that apps which are made by using templates and wizards were considered as spam app and App Store delete these kinds of apps by using its multiple testing algorithms. Due to which many fake app developer now became workless. But unfortunately this also ruined many small and non-profitable businesses and organizations who promote their business by using templating service to create their apps.

Like there were many local business,restaurant even many small schools which uses template and wizard apps as they don’t invest much in designing their own spam free apps. After so many controversies and blames, Apple revised it’s policy, the App Store only abolished all spam developing apps. According to Apple’s new policy only that template apps will survive who submit their app ‘s content by the provider. This means that if a local pizza store want to publish it’s template app on Apple’s App Store then first of all it could submit it’s templated-build app itself. Besides this Google said that they didn’t do the same mistake as Apple did earlier while changing it’s policy.

According to Google it’s new policy of ban the apps will only effect (written in quoted texts):

“The Apps which are developed by using automated tool, or based on templates and were submitted to Google Play only by the operator of that respected service on regards of other person are not applicable. That apps are only get permission if they get published only by the developer’s registered account which only specified by the user of the automated tool.”

After said this will make clear that Google will definitely do better as their main aim is to stop the spams found in Apps Store. But they also work for the betterment of small businesses customer who uses template apps. Another change in Google Play policy is that they also directly banned the apps that mislead the users as they said that they mine cryptocurrency on device. As these kinds of apps main agenda is to promote themselves only. Including this Google also banned these mining apps from their Chrome Store also as these kind of fake sites only mislead the users. This perfectly shows that Google took a tight step to maintain it’s moral position in the market. As they banned only that kind of apps who uplift the spams, ammunition, firearms and other firearms accessories. Google also kicked out those apps which sales automated tools that include bump stocks, drop-in auto Sears, magazines or belts carry more than 30 rounds. This will also help in the decrement it the school shootings, As according to superiors control of guns will also help in lessened the mass shooting as this will penetrate the users about how to access the guns and firearms and accessories.

The another change in Google policy is that to strictly banned the adult themed app as the main aim of these app is harmful for children as these apps contains misleading videos and ads which spoil the minds of children. If we compare Google and Apple then Google did the same as Apple did one year back but the motive and way of thinking of Google is far better than Apple’s point of view. As App Store cleanups was so sizable that since 2017 there are only 2+ million genuine apps which are spam free also.

This year again, Apple again updating it’s guideline so that it can provide more security to its App Store, in which they will ban it’s own version of crypto mining app. But now it’s time for Google to work more efficiently and effectively as Apple did. As till now Google provide more leniencies to spammy apps that’s why till December 2017 there were more than 3.5+ million apps available in Google’s Play Store which also includes many malicious sites. So first of all Google need an absolute cleanups. So that unwanted apps may also removed. And now Google should enforce their policies for Play Store’s betterment.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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