Google Allowed To Read Your Gmail of Third party App Developers

Most of the emails you send from your Gmail id are tracked and read by developers and data companies! A reporter from The Wall Street Journal has reported that Gmail allows the third-party companies and developers to access user emails and track them. The setting allows the companies to read the emails, see the recipients attached in the mail. Along with that, they get to access the private data, timestamps and the links user clicks on. With all these data in their hands, they can use it very well for marketing. Most of the shopping or traveling price tools mention in their Terms And Conditions for the users to give them access to read their emails to the developers.

The Whole Matter Regarding The Issue

When Google was questioned on this issue, they responded positively. Google said that “We have allowed some of the developers read user emails for the services they offer. But, we have a vetting process for the developers they are given the access. The process is carried out on a number of steps by us. We verify if the company is true and represent the product they are offering for the users. Further, it is checked if they are being true for the service and reading the emails. There are many developers who have submitted for accessing the Gmail but we have not granted them due to some reasons”.

Nearly a year ago, Google promised the users that it will not be reading any emails from the users’ inbox. But, it doesn’t hold anymore. They have granted permission to any third party companies and their employees to read emails of their clients. When Google was questioned about this, they said that it is a common practice to allow the developers to read the emails. Google said that their employees are instructed to follow strict guidelines when granting permissions to the developers. The developers are not allowed to misuse the permissions given to them and have to follow the rules imposed by Google.

Are Users Notified Of Such Tool?

This might be the question in many people’s mind and the answer is positive. Google explicitly asks the users if they want to grant the permission to the third-party app. Only when the user opts for it, the developers are given the access to their client emails.


The permission policy might seem like a privacy issue for many people and it is true. Allowing someone to read all your emails and access other data mentioned in them can be risky for the people either in their business or personal life. However, Google has taken care of this issue. They grant the permission only when the company is verified and are trustworthy. For example, Microsoft, Salesforce are given permission for such since they are well known and trustworthy brands. There has been no news or evidence regarding the misuse of the data from users’ private emails. But, the security of this system might be an issue. Last year, it was found that Google fell for a phishing attack which gained access to users contacts through a fake Google Docs request. However, we can trust Google with our data much more than most of the companies out there.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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