Gmail’s “undo send” feature finally arrives to Android

Gmail’s life-saving, job-saving, relationship-saving, and merciful feature is finally available on Android devices. According to the ‘Android Police’ who discovered this feature, it came along with the 8.7 version of Gmail app. In 2015, the web version of Gmail got this feature. Later on, in November 2016, iOS users also received the same. Now finally, it is also available for Android users.

The feature works similar to the one available on the desktop. After sending a mail/message, a small black progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen along with the “Undo” button on the right hand side.

Reconsider your email decisions

After sending the message/mail, it provides you seven seconds to rethink about your choices. Sometimes, you send a mail/message that proves to be the biggest mistake of your life. Later on, you regret about the decision you made while pressing the send button. But, Gmail now allows you to rethink about your choices and change your decision by pressing the undo button within seven seconds.

Instead of sending a stupid mail to someone and regretting in the future, you now have seven seconds to reconsider your decision. Going with the undo button will bring you back to the body part of the email. The same email will be saved as a draft. You can send the same mail in the future. So, why to rush some stupid mails that can spoil your life? That makes no sense.

Unlike the initial rollout of the web version of this feature, it is enabled by default on the Android devices. With the very high likelihood of sending emails that you must not send, this feature arrives to the Android as a surprise. It took very long to appear on Android, but it is better than its absence.

Though the feature is now available through the 8.7 update, it only works with the emails sent through the Gmail app to Gmail addresses.

The web version of Gmail has been saving people from remorseful mistakes, typos, and other email errors for years. Gmail’s Inbox app had this feature from long time on both iOS and Android. But, people using the official Gmail mobile client were not getting this feature.

Now, as Gmail has officially updated its app for the Android users, you can deal with the email sending issues. The update may be a server-side update, so it may not be visible in update notes for all devices. Restarting Gmail app could solve your issue if you are already using the latest version of the app.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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