Gmail now allows users to mention people using ‘@’ just like on Twitter and Facebook

So this year, Gmail looks like a target for development in Google Inc. During April 2018, Google gave Gmail an entirely new UI design in the update. Google also introduced a new set of features such as Nudge (present in Hike), Smart compose for emails. Snooze – a feature which helps to mute the incoming emails was one among the new features.


One of the most notable features introduced in the new update is the ‘@’ feature. The ‘@’ works just like how it works on Twitter and Facebook for mentioning people. While composing a new email, a user can use the ‘@’ feature to insert the email id of their contact. When this feature is used, it will add a mail-to link along with the contact name in the body of the mail which is being composed. The new feature comes handy to make a perfectly drafted mail similar to the feature of reminding the user to attach a file when they mentioned that they will be doing it.

When a person receives the mail with the ‘@’ mentioned label, he or she can mail to the person referenced directly by clicking on the name. A person can also use ‘+’ instead of ‘@’ to link the person in the mail body. Additionally, this feature adds the contact to the user recipient list. Consider, if a user uses his contact Abhimanyu with ‘@’ symbol, it will bring a list of all the contact names from which the specific person can be chosen.


Both the ‘+’ and ‘@’ feature are live on the website. The feature can be enabled by choosing the option from the menu which pops up by clicking the gear icon. This feature is handy when the user wants to refer another person through the mail. Surprisingly, Gmail is not the only part of the company which has been revamped. Earlier, the cloud service UI was also revamped. Google Drive – the cloud service offered by Google was made to look similar to that of the Gmail service. There was not much of a change but the menu placement was revamped giving it an aesthetic look. The new update on the Gmail has some major features change and more importantly, it can be used to make it easier for mailing and maintaining their emails.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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