Friend List Feeds Is No Longer Available On Facebook

According to a message popped up today in the Facebook app, Facebook is shutting down feeds from Friend list sometime today. This feature allowed users to view posts only from one of their designated friend lists such as family, colleagues, peers, neighbors, work group, etc. So, this feature provided a personalized view of Facebook where you can easily view the updates that are important to you. This also allowed you to ignore posts from various Facebook pages, acquaintances or those posts you do not care about.

For using Friend List Feeds, you can easily create a personalized friend list on Facebook. Don’t worry! These friend lists are not going away.

If you still want to personalize your Facebook feed, it is still possible. According to Facebook’s note regarding friend list feeds shutdown, you will be still able to create, edit and share posts to your friend list. What is actually going away is Friend List Feeds, that allows users to view specific people’s updates in their personalized separate News Feed within the Facebook app.

There is a section in the Facebook app called “Feeds” that provides a list of all the feeds available to you according to your friend list.

Friend Lists Feature Is Very Unpopular

We are familiar with the Friend lists on Facebook since many years. But, its original version required a lot of manual labor. For this, you need to create a list, name it, then go through all your friends one after another to decide who to add in your list. Also, when you add some new Facebook friends, you need to remember them to add them in their appropriate list.

Very few people used this feature. According to Facebook, only 5 percent of Facebook users used this feature in 2011 while others didn’t make a single list. For making this simpler, Facebook adopted a new feature called “smart lists”. Smart lists automatically group your friends into lists and save you the effort. Facebook started working more on this feature by identifying common factors among users based on profile such as high school, office, hometown, age, etc.

This way, Facebook removed the burden of creating lists manually. You can easily use these lists for selective sharing and browse feeds based on these lists. For example, you want to share your baby picture to your family, you can easily use the family list.

But, just as the previous manual list, people didn’t care about Smart Lists. Many even didn’t know its existence. Also, the rise of Facebook Groups made it easier for users to share and browse posts based on a particular topic – like TV show, Art, Sports, News, etc. Users can easily join such private groups to share and browse regarding a particular topic.

Final bye to friend’s feed

According to Facebook’s note, Friend List Feeds are shutting down from August 9, 2018. So, if you are reading this post right now, you will not see the Friend List feature in the Facebook app. However, some older app versions of Facebook are still showing the Friend List Feeds.

Facebook already confirmed about the shut down of this feature. According to a spokesperson, they are shutting down this lesser-used feature to focus more on the main News Feed experience. Users won’t be able to view custom feeds from their friend lists. But, still they can create and edit friend lists and share posts to these personalized audiences whenever they post on Facebook. Users can also use News Feed preferences to select which posts they want to see first, or ignore posts they don’t want to see.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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