Facebook Slandered by Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak persuaded people to get off from the social media platform- Facebook

The statements of Steve can be though to be intentional for taking people off from its rival company Facebook.

Wozniak has come forward in the public and said that he sees no use of using the social media platform Facebook. It is a threat to the privacy of people.

Facebook doesn’t take the privacy of people seriously

Facebook doesn’t take the privacy of people seriously

Steve Wozniak said that Facebook plays with the privacy of the people. Every person has different views on privacy.

Those who do not value may use FB but those who are concerned about their privacy should immediately get off Facebook.

He suggested people look into the privacy policy of Facebook and find the answers themselves for why he is saying to get off.

He further says that people should know where the level of privacy for their data is reaching.

Offer more money to Facebook for Privacy security

Offer more money to Facebook for Privacy security

Steve Wozniak said that not only FB but all of its competitors should take care of the privacy of the users.

They can ask for more money from the users to keep their data secure rather than earning money by selling their data to the advertisers.

Facebook has not answered anything regarding the comment by Steve slandering and defaming their platform.

Wozniak removed his account from FB in the year 2018. He said that Facebook bought him plenty of negative things and so quit his account there.

Before removing his account he also said that he prefers email and text messages safer than FB messaging.

Apple is a more secure platform than Facebook

Apple is a more secure platform than Facebook

Steve, in support of Apple, said that Apple is a very secure platform than any other when it comes to data security of the users.

Apple is very stringent in its privacy policies, it ensures that no software, application or feature in its services leaks the data of the users.

This is the reason that there are no cases of data leak from Apple. Whereas there are many data leak cases on FB.

People disclose a lot of their information to FB and FB further sells your information to the advertisers.

It makes a lot of money from this and the people whose information is leaked do not earn anything from it.


Privacy is a major concern for people nowadays. This is not anything to be ignored or neglected.

People who are concerned about their personal and confidential data should look into the matter and take the appropriate actions.

As per the history of a data leak on FB, it is very dissatisfying. Apple is no doubt a more secure platform than Facebook.

Thus getting off from Facebook saves you from unnecessary data leakage.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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