Facebook rolls out Watch, ad breaks, and Creator Studio globally

Facebook announced today about the launch of its Watch feature. Watch feature will provide people around the world to discover cool videos, share and discuss with their friends, and be a part of it. Every Facebook Page’s videos are eligible to be in the list of Watch. So, it is also an opportunity for publishers and creators to get a huge global reach to their videos.

Along with its launch, Facebook is providing its publishers and creators in two ways. First, it will allow them to monetize their videos on Facebook with ad breaks. Second, it will provide them with Creator Studio to better understand about the performance of their content.

Monetisation: Ad Breaks are now available across four markets and open to eligible Pages

Facebook has been testing ad breaks with some publishers and creators since long. Now, every publisher or creator from certain countries that meets the eligibility criteria below will be able to monetize their videos.

Eligibility criteria: Pages need to meet a list of criteria in order to monetize their videos. First, they need to get more than 30,000 1-minute views on their 3-minute videos over the past two months. Second, they need to at least have 10,000 Facebook followers and comply with Facebook Monetisation Eligibility Standards.

Availability: For now, Ad Breaks are available in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. In September, it will expand to Belgium, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, EI Salvador, Guatemala, The Dominican Republic, Portugal, and Peru. Over the next few months, availability will cover more language support and countries.

Ad breaks are currently available in both mid-roll and pre-roll formats. Also, image ads are included directly below the video. Whenever an ad break is shown, creator or publisher earns his share of revenue. Facebook has also provided auto-insertion of ads feature, which automatically selects best ads for their videos. They can also select ads themselves if they wish to.

Creator Studio: Management and Measurement

Facebook has attempted to provide the simplest interface to its users to manage and monetise their video content. Creator Studio is the place where creators or publishers can manage their video content.

• Manage interactions and content: Allows searching for any video in their entire content library. Provides post-level details and insights about each videos. Allows to manage interactions for all owned Pages, including messages and comments on Facebook and Instagram.

• Manage video publishing: Allows creating, scheduling, and publishing content across owned pages in any playlists. You can easily upload bulk or single video to single or multiple Pages.

• Access ad breaks: Displays current eligible Pages to ad breaks, review monetisation insights, and manage payments.

• Other features: Access Rights Manager, use new features, and take benefit monetisation opportunities.

Facebook believed that Watch and News Feed together can create greater distribution of videos. Also, it can help creators and publishers to monetise their video content. Facebook has added a new metric on audience retention in the Insights tab of Creator Studio. It helps creators and publishers create better plans to retain their audience. In addition, this is something that every creator and publisher was looking for. So, you can now easily manage your video content of your Facebook Page and monetise it. Facebook has rightly provided a way to build business on Facebook.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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