Facebook justifies that Donald trumped Hillary on the social network during 2016 election

Recently, a document revealed from Facebook shows that Donald Trump’s team outclassed Hillary Clinton’s in nearly every meaningful ways of comparison on its ad network during the 2016 election. Trump has always been boastful in hiring the best people. And now, Facebook’s data scientists agree that Trump did have the better team.

Maybe this could be an effect of Cambridge Analytica, but its a different topic.

Analyzing Facebook ads by both candidates

Bloomberg unveiled for the first time that both candidates had a heavy-handed approach to Facebook ads according to the records. From June to November 2016, the amount spent by Donald Trump on Facebook ads was over $44 million, while Clinton spent over $28 million for the same. From polls, it was assumed that Clinton had a dominant lead and the race was all over. Apart from the difference in amount spent by both on Facebook ads, Trump’s team appeared to be the more sophisticated one by its way of using Facebook’s outcome oriented approach to optimization. Totally, there were about 5.9 million variations in ads by Trump. Everything was frequently tested, improved and non-performers were ignored. So, making variations and improving conditions helped Trump to get the desired outcome. Clinton was running around 66,000 ads at the same period. Trump smartly made a use of feature for creating lookalike audiences based on current supporters. Using Facebook’s data insights, information of each supporter was obtained for finding other supporters similar to them. So, these other supporters would be new targets for them who were not already following Trump.


Clinton had a different approach. She made a campaign which cast wide net to ensure that the candidate had a wide appeal. Campaign by Trump was attracting supporters similar to the current supporters, while Clinton’s campaign was trying to drop a wide net in hopes of attracting supporters.

How Donald Trump outclassed Hillary Clinton on the social network?

It is doubtful how Cambridge Analytica’s voter profiles affected Trump’s side. However, we are aware of the fact that the data broker created profiles for about 50 million people to target better audiences for Trump. We can surely say that Facebook’s push did help Trump to win key states like Wisconsin. But, the effect of Cambridge Analytica on this is unclear. 84 percent ads by Trump involved a call-to-action such as liking, commenting, sharing, donating, etc. The same strategy was involved in only 56 percent ads by Clinton. So at last, we can say that Trump’s campaign was better at attracting supporters than Clinton’s.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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