Facebook Is Making “Your Time on Facebook” worth it

Yes, you read it right. Facebook is trying to help people stop using Social Media a less often than usual using their “Your Time on Facebook” feature. They are creating a feature which will show people the time they spend on the Facebook App and help them set remainders. The discovery of the new feature was found in the Facebook App called “Your Time On Facebook”. When Facebook was asked about it, they confirmed that the feature is in the development stage. They said that “We are always looking to build features to make sure the time people spend on Facebook is well utilized. Many people get addicted to the service and it affects their mental health and waste their time. To prevent this, we are introducing a new feature on the app to help people monitor their time”.

Jane Manchun Wong, a developer first reported the new feature on Twitter. She posted that Facebook is introducing the new feature to help people improve their digital well-being.

Your Time On Facebook

The feature displays much information. It lists the time the user has spent on the app in the last 7 days. It shows the average of the time a user spends in a particular week. The feature lets the user set the daily remainder for the usage and also gives access to the settings.

Nowadays, in the tech world, most of the companies are concerned with the ‘digital wellbeing’ and how well the time is spent by the users. Recently, Apple in its new iOS 12 update launched features regarding the digital wellbeing. Google and other companies are also trying to introduce new features for it. Hence, Facebook who is always looking for improving the time a user spends on their platform introduced their wellbeing feature too.


The introduction of the new feature can be easily taken as a response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal which the company is surrounded with. However, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has always said that the company focuses more on the user wellbeing. Earlier this year in January, Mark Zuckerberg said that “We are changing our goals. We are focusing on users’ benefit to provide the content which is more meaningful for them. In this way, the News Feed for the users will be personalized for them. Once the feature becomes live, people will see less content from the pages and more from what they usually like. It will encourage people’s interaction and lessen the unwanted posts they see”.

Mark Zuckerberg has been in a lot of trouble this year. Starting with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, he has faced many accusations. However, he has been always determined to make the users time efficient. He wants the users to spend meaningful time on the platform. A few weeks earlier, he was saying shareholders that people are spending less time on the platform and it will decrease further in the later time. Surprisingly, he was happy about it.

Talking about the “Your Time On Facebook” feature, the date for the feature to be live is not yet revealed but we believe it will be soon. This feature will help people know how much time they spend on the platform and can increase their digital wellbeing.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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