Facebook Is Developing New OS To Replace Its Rival’s Android OS

Facebook is developing a new OS on its own. This means they will no longer be dependent on Google’s Android OS. Facebook’ products such as Oculus and Portal may not be Android-based.

Facebook is going to create this new OS from scratch with the help of Mark Lucovsky. He will lead this project and it should be noted that he once worked for Microsoft as Software Developer.

Facebook is not the first company to do this. Huawei created HarmonyOS to stop depending on Android. Facebook also developed a custom OS long back for Home. This makes Facebook self-sufficient and this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Facebook’s AR & VR

Facebook’s AR & VR

Andrew Bosworth, the head of Facebook’s AR & VR said that they want to ensure that the next generation has space for their products. Also, Facebook doesn’t trust the marketplace or competitors to make that happen. That’s why they decided to do things on their own.

Facebook has made this decision keeping their AR project in mind. Already Augmented Reality is a complicated one. They want to make a custom OS so that it gives them the freedom to explore more. Android will not help them in any way for the AR project.

Facebook’s Privacy Issue

Facebook’s approach sounds similar to Apple’s “walled garden” approach. That means Facebook would design a new ecosystem where design, hardware, processors and OS will be made by themselves without depending on others.

Facebook likes to have complete control of their products. When it comes trustworthiness and privacy, you can’t deny the fact that Facebook has a bad reputation. So, the chances of people buy their products made by themselves is very less.

Rumours Everywhere

Rumours Everywhere

Facebook is very serious about its hardware plans. There is rumour which says Facebook is developing AR glasses that comes with a brain-computer interface to give commands. That product is tentatively named as ‘Orion’.

Another rumour stormed the internet recently. Facebook is developing voice assistants for its smart speakers. For this project, they approached Microsoft to muster and license data from Bing. This data will Facebook to train the assistant.


Nobody knows when Facebook will launch its new OS and which product will have this OS. All we need to do is wait for the official announcement. 15 miles north of Facebooks’ headquarters, 7,70,000 sq ft space is used by Facebook to create a permanent location.

Anybody can visit this place to play AR/VR games. Roughly 4,000 employees are here in this location. This place will be used mainly for testing and experimental purposes.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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