Facebook introduces new privacy tools to gain people’s trust

Following the scandal surrounding Facebook recently, it has decided to make changes to its existing features. Today, Facebook announced that it has changed its existing privacy tools to make it simpler for the users. They are trying to give more control to the users on their private data by making the data management easier and changing the design of the settings to make it simpler. Previously, Facebook had nearly 20 screens for privacy settings which have been reduced and clubbed altogether in a single screen. Some settings were removed which the company felt useless and outdated. A new privacy shortcuts menu was also launched where the common settings like two-factor authentication, changing the post’s privacy to limit it to certain people and controlling advertising related settings. A new page – ‘Access Your Information’ was also introduced wherein the user can edit or delete the information available on their timeline or their profile. These features aren’t new and already existed but most of the people weren’t aware of all these. It is good to see that Facebook is trying to publicize the information it stores about the users and giving them the freedom to decide whether to keep them or not.


Facebook mentioned that they were working on these updates for quite some time but speeded up the process after the scandal it faced earlier this week. Facebook also said that it is going to update its Terms And Conditions on the website to clearly mention the data it collects and how they use it.

Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer and Ashlie Beringer, Deputy General Counsel wrote in a blog post regarding these issues that, “Having a policy explaining about the data that is collected and used but giving people access to manage their information is more better. We have heard from users that finding privacy settings and other tools are difficult to be found, so we went forward and introduced – Access Your Information wherein the people can see their old posts and manage their information in a secure way. We are also providing users to download their own data which includes all the photos uploaded, contacts linked, timeline posts and so on which they can keep it or even copy it to another service”.


Since the start of this scandal, Facebook shares are down by a whopping 18% from March 16 which accounts for nearly a loss of $100 billion for the company’s market value. The scandal has forced users to review what data are being stored and where it is used, so taking such steps has become a necessity for Facebook. By introducing all the new tools and features, Facebook is trying to earn back the trust from its users which it lost in the recent times. Advertisers and Investors are starting to disregard Facebook in this business and losing such people will be a huge loss for them. Recently, Mozilla suspended all its advertisements on Facebook and Nordea – Banking Giant has announced that it is planning to divert itself from Facebook stocks.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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