Facebook Hires Google’s AI Chip Head

Facebook is trying to improve its presence in the field of AI and semiconductors. Many top companies like Apple, Google, Amazon are already trying to build their own semiconductors. Facebook trying to join the group is experimenting with a lot of stuff. It is putting in more and more resources to develop its own AI-focused chips.

For this purpose, Facebook took a shot at Google. Facebook hired Google’s very own employee to lead their department. Shahriar Rabii, an ex-employee of Google has worked on the development of chips for Google products. After being in service for 7 years, he was hired by Facebook to become the Vice President and Head of their Silicon. In Google, Shahriar developed the Visual Core Chip for Google’s Pixel smartphone. The chip enabled the camera to have Machine Learning and AI for improved performance. He worked closely with the head of VR and AR department in Google. Hence he has a lot of experience in the field.

Facebook’s Development On AI-Chips

Over the past several months, Facebook has been working hard on its AI-focused silicon chips. There have been many rumours regarding the chips they are developing. They started off by forming a team for designing these chips earlier this year.

Google has been developing these AI chips for improving their devices. It is said that later this year, Google will release its new Pixel phone series which will have upgraded cameras. Along with that, the end-to-end display will also be present and Google is working to make it rich in AI too. However, Facebook’s development is not totally clear. It is not known if they are creating the silicon chips for any devices or they will use it on their own server.

However, there is news that Facebook might soon launch its own devices. Facebook is reportedly working on developing an Echo competitor touchscreen smart speaker. They are also making VR hardware which uses the Qualcomm chipsets.


Google is slightly feelings itself on the losing side. Earlier this year, Apple took Google’s Artificial Intelligence Head into their company. And now Facebook has taken their well-experienced employee in the same field. The reason these top tech companies are running behind developing their own silicon semiconductor is simple. They want to make their own chipset and hence eliminate their dependency on the other chipmakers like Intel and Qualcomm.

Apple seems to be well ahead of this curve. Since 2010, Apple has been making its own chipset for many functions. Further, Apple has planned to make their MacBooks with their own processors. Hence, it will totally eliminate the need for chipset makers for them.

Building a custom chipset will also increase the company’s Artificial Intelligence department. Facebook has been working on analyzing users post to take down offensive content and mark face profiles. Hence, the development in AI will further increase their capacity to do so efficiently.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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