Even Half-Life: VR Is Not Going To Be A Part Of The Xbox Consoles

Virtual reality is on the hot talks since it has been discovered. It has numerous applications in several areas of research. Even Half-Life: VR is used in the field of gaming to improve user experience.

Constant requests to make an X-box which is VR compatible has been poured over the owner of the X-box. But Phil Spencer who is the head of the Xbox brand mentioned that VR is not in the current focus of the Xbox team.

Interviews And Tweets

He added that “No one is asking for VR” which is still absent in the gaming consoles of Microsoft. After this interview with Stevivor, Phil Spencer put on a post on twitter. The tweet said that even after playing the highly anticipated game “Half-life: Alyx”, Phil is still not convinced. Hence implementation of VR in the Microsoft gaming consoles is kept on the wait-list. 

Project Scarlett

Project Scarlett

In the tweet, Spencer also mentioned that VR is not currently in the focus with Scarlett. Scarlett is a custom-designed AMD processor. It has a high bandwidth GDDR6 memory and also a next-generation SSD. This tweet states that VR won’t be a part of Scarlett’s design. 

In the interview with Stevivor, Phil mentioned that they had “issues” with VR. He also said that the top priority of the company is to respond to the requirements of its users. He adds up that due to the availability of the X-box in other means, people really do not demand VR.

Sony’s Playful Retweet

The comments of Phil Spencer in his interviews and tweets had various criticisms. The most notable criticism was a reply tweet from Shuhei Yoshida. He is a Sony employee. He exclaims that Sony often works to implement things that customers do not ask for.

This comment is supported by the fact that Sony has implemented VR over 3 years ago. Sony has also confirmed that their VR headset would continue to work in its PlayStation 5.

Project Scorpio was a code name which was promised to support a High-end VR. A year later, the Scorpio was renamed to Xbox one. But the promised VR functionality was not implemented.

This proves that Microsoft consoles had an inconsistent relationship with Virtual Reality from the beginning. Even now, the situation remains unchanged and Phil is still unconvinced.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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