Enjoy YouTube TV More With These Hacks

A Lot of content is on Youtube. Well, you can Enjoy Youtube on TV more with these hacks that most people don’t know at all. Everybody uses Youtube. No matter if you have a subscription for Netflix or Amazon Prime, free streaming is a whole new level. Youtube does have a lot of resources that you can watch your whole lifetime. These won’t end at all. Technology gets better, while YouTube just gets bigger. From 2013 onwards, the 4K option became widely common. It is an incredible option for those having good Broadband speeds and a 4K TV. That becomes your temporary YouTube on TV, which shows a million times better content than usual TV.

Enjoy YouTube TV more with these hacks

You might be familiar with the resolution option, that now offers an FPS variant too. Old TV? 30 FPS is the default which is not shown. But if you have a better 60Hz TV, you can choose the 60 FPS option, which just makes the stream lively. More Lively, if you use 1080p. YouTube TV or YouTube on TV makes all of these much better, as the screen is now bigger. That’s double entertainment.

But these are not hacks. Just a technical solution.

Let’s see some of those.

You can rent out releases directly


Renting subscriptions is common. You can do that easily with your money on Netflix or Amazon or other streaming services. But that does cost a lot of money (if you buy better deals). But on Youtube, it’s different. You don’t rent on subscriptions or you can buy them. You directly rent the release with lesser money. This is a cost-effective option. As you can spend less money to rent your favorites.

If you want, you can even buy the release for yourself. Permanently. All you have to do is that you should have your own account on youtube. Do the purchase, and you can keep it forever.

Use a streamer


Streaming on youtube is simple. Fire up your phone, activate your data connection and bang! Watch anything on it at any resolution, provided. anything on youtube, you wish to. It is very easy.

But what if you want it on your big TV? It is easy if you have an Android TV or a big 4K TV. Plugin the data connection, or the ethernet cable. Open the Youtube App and there you go.

If you are cost-effective and don’t own such a TV, there is another solution. A streaming device sounds very good if your TV at least supports a USB drive. You only need a Chromecast which is available for very cheap. It can stream any content to any device, provided it has the required component and inputs. Directly stream those live content right on your TV. All you need to do is connect both the streamer and the streaming device to the same DATA network. Like if you are using a tablet or a laptop or a smartphone, aside from the chrome cast.

A few settings are required to be done too. After you connect the devices, go to the youtube app. Start it. Click on the cart icon, select the device and then click on Play. That’s all. Your YouTube on TV is ready.

Take the full entertainment to your TV


YouTube knows you will be intimidated with all of the features that it provides. Just like other platforms, it categorizes all the content to your needs. YouTube on TV also has access to all those categories, namely,


All of the latest videos, movie and series trailers, your favorite shows, tricks and all of that from your subscriptions too.



Most of the latest gaming shows, upcoming new game trailers, game streams from platforms and your favorite YouTuber live streams.


These are the shows that are recommended to you in accordance with or related to the ones that you have watched in the past. The list just gets bigger and bigger on YouTube on TV.


Your favorite Music shows, streams, live shows, subscription video uploads. It mostly includes all of the new music video uploads, records, live performances and stations for you.


This category contains all of the newest and the latest trending topics, top picks, and playlists that you should at least have a look at.



All of the YouTube original shows that are available for free to stream and watch. Just like the usual TV series shows.

You can now have a bang on YouTube on TV watching all of these. Also, check out How can you share YouTube Premium with your family members.

Stream better

You should know how to stream better content on YouTube. As it is available for free. Never ever miss any good content that is available for free. To stream better means, to watch it in a better way. If you have a bigger 4K HDR TV that’s even 3D, normal visuals at 30 frames are OK. Not great.

YouTube for most of the videos nowadays provides a smoother 60 frames per second option. But what is it?

What are the 60 frames or 60 FPS option?


Normal videos on YouTube are just by default staggered to 30 frames per second. Some videos have a slower 25 or 23 fps too, but that’s not really noticeable. YouTube kind of rips down the pixels and quality of the videos to make them stream faster, without compromising the quality. But this helps with higher frames, as lesser data is required. While the 60 FPS option makes the content or the video smoother. As there are more frames, the animation becomes much real to life to watch.

To enable the 60FPS stream, you need to start playing a video first. Make sure to see, the video has a 60 FPS option. It mostly appears on 720p and above resolutions till 4K UHD 2160p. Click on it. That’s all. You will now have a better experience with richness and smoothness, both with astounding quality with YouTube on TV. All on your TV itself.

YouTube TV can be controlled via voice


Remotes and controllers are old. As controlling youtube is much more fun with voice. If you have plugged in your TV with an Xbox, the controlling is much simpler. But it is way simple with voice. As all you have to do is just speak.

Controlling your Youtube on TV with voice is easy. Purchases a Google HOME and a Chromecast, for a normal TV. Else if you have an Android TV, a Google HOME is just fine. You can then link you Google HOME to the TV or Chrome cast to begin. Then Say, “OK GOOGLE” or “HEY GOOGLE”. You will get the response.

Free movies on YouTube TV


Everybody loves free movies even if they are the worst of the quality. Buying movies for everyone is not an option (because of price matters). Even if you want to watch at HD or FULL HD on your Big TV, you need subscriptions from networks (Netflix or Amazon Prime). That’s a bit hurting.

While YouTube has free movies if you wanna know. At both HD and FULL HD qualities. Yes, FREE. No cost at all. Although the options might not be the best of all. And certainly not what you have expected. But free movies, are something that is not available everywhere. Not legally. But movies, also full movies. This is good news for your YouTube on TV vacation time.

Play your smartphone content on YouTube TV


Smartphones are great devices now. Rent, buy or subscribe anywhere. If you have subscribed to YouTube or bought a new Youtube show, don’t worry. You might think it is available only on your phone, but no. You can stream the same content right on your TV. On your YouTube on TV right away.

First, go to Youtube. Click on Library from the Homepage. Go to the Watch Later section that is available below. You will find everything that you have saved for the later watch or any show that you may have purchased.

Making use of YouTube for your YouTube on TV entertainment is just great. As instead of going for pricier subscriptions, you can access great content easily. All that for free. No cost at all. Whether its movies or shows or your favorite Wildlife content, YouTube has all. You just need to find it and play it on your TV to get the real experience.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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