Elon Musk Sends A Tweet Using Starlink Satellite Internet

Elon Musk made a tweet today using Starlink Satellite Internet. He surprised everyone with this tweet using the internet coverage from constellation network. If rewriting history is an art, Elon Musk is the master of that art. This is a great accomplishment by Elon Musk.

Starlink project is SpaceX’s dream and they have just announced the entire world that they have done it. Now, broadband satellites of Starlink enabled Elon Musk to use the internet. Soon, these satellites will give access to areas which didn’t have high-speed internet connection before.

Starlink Satellite Internet Project


SpaceX is planning to launch more than 12,000 broadband satellites in future. This plan was in place before that tweet. Now, Elon Musk has decided to launch 30,000 more satellites after the overwhelming success of Starlink.

Reliable internet connection is all people need today. To provide that, SpaceX is coming up with advanced technologies that create a large network of small satellites. This will surely reduce the enormous demand and offer reliable internet connection to people.

Satellite-based internet connection is more beneficial compared to fibre and cable-based internet. Response time will be more if we use satellite-based internet. That’s the only problem we will be facing in future. Though we can download at a tremendous speed, gaming and reaction sensitive applications might be slow.

starlink satellite internet - 60 satellites

Last year, SpaceX launched two prototypes into orbit. After testing its performance, 60 more satellites were launched in May 2019. The ground station will receive signals from a satellite which will be like a pizza box as described by Elon Musk.

Starlink’s Competitors

SpaceX’ Starlink has competitors who filed cases against Elon Musk. Oneweb and Kepler communications have set up a similar constellation network which provides internet. The signals from different satellites might interfere and cause collisions.

Facebook also planned to launch internet constellation but it didn’t happen for some reason. E-commerce giant Amazon is also working on Project Kuiper to taste success in providing satellite-based internet services in remote areas.

Google tried to offer internet using air balloons but it didn’t materialise as Google faced patent issues.


SpaceX is not just about launching rockets and spaceship to mars and other planets. They want to make our lives easier. Uninterrupted Internet service is very rare due to connectivity issues faced in fibre and cable-based internet.

They have addressed this issue with satellite-based internet. The tweet from Elon Musk is just the first step. We are going to see a lot more from him. Stay tuned for further updates on Starlink project.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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