Einstein’s Travel Diary Suggests That He Believed Indians Were Stupid?!

Albert Einstein is arguably one of the greatest Physician of all time. The Noble Prize winner Scientist discovered the gravitational force with the famous apple fall. Along with this, Albert Einstein is regarded with the discovery of photoelectric effect. In 1921, Einstein was awarded Noble Prize for his contribution to theoretical physics. He received other major awards like the Copley Medal which is one of the oldest scientific awards in the world. In 1929, he was awarded the Max Planck Medal by German Physics society. Einstein was quite intelligent which showed in the IQ Test. He scored a 160 which is a remarkable mark in the test.

With all this under his name, Einstein is no less than a global icon. In 1946, at the American College, Einstein said that “Racism is a disease spread by white people”. He was the first to support black people leaving behind racism. But, it was not all good as it sounded. Nearly two decades later, it looked like Einstein was proving his own words true. When he toured Asia, he wrote many things in his travel diaries.

Einstein’s Travel Diaries

The travel diaries have been kept secret from the world till now. Recently, the diaries were made public and it brought out the thoughts Einstein had about Asia and its people. The latest travel diaries which were released was from October 1922 to March 1923. It included Einstein’s journey to Palestine, Spain, and the Far East. The notes reveal shocking views of Einstein on race and particularly people of India, China, and Sri Lanka.

Einstein’s View On Indians

The assistant director of Einstein’s paper project, Rosenkranz said that the travel diaries revealed Einstein was clearly talking about racism. Einstein came across few Indians in Colombo during his journey to the Far East.

On India, Einstein had various views. He thought that Indians were ‘biologically inferior’ to others. They were disturbed by the climatic conditions. One note read that “It prevented them from thinking forward or backward for more than 15 mins”. It means that Einstein believed that Indians never thought 15 mins ahead of time. Rosenkranz said that these writings reveal that Einstein believed in geographical determinism and Indian’s inferiority.

Was Einstein Really A Racist?

In other diaries, Einstein wrote that “It will be a pity if Chinese supplant all the other races”. With all his writings about Asia and the people, it hints towards Einstein being a racist. In other writings, Einstein said that “I don’t understand what attraction does the Chinese women possess such that the men are attracted so much to them”. When Rosenkranz analyzed the writings, he concluded that these writings are a hallmark of racism. Other than Asia, Einstein who was a Jew was forced to flee Nazi Germany for anti-Semite prosecution might have changed his views later on. But we will never know if the father of atom bombs was really a racist as the truth is long gone with him.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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