Dyson unveiled new headphones blow filtered air at your face

  • It is worth noting that the pump-clean air over your face.
  • But, it is not a replacement for the surgical mask.
  • It forms a seal and meets the FFP2 Filtration. It draws through dual-layered filters.

It had about five hundred prototypes and got launched after six years. It comes with clean air-blowing ANC headphones that change the way people like or like a joke. We are talking about the air-purifying mask and the noise-canceling headphone. It started like well before the covid-19.

Dyson’s zone took six years to develop and represent a bold new world.

It serves as an economic and PR disaster. We don’t grasp what it looks like.

What is the Dyson zone mask?

It is a fan-powdered, personal air purifier that comes with over-ear headphones. It comes with the shrunken version of the type found on the brand’s hot and cool range of air purifiers, sucking in dirty air. It was the nasty stuff in an elaborate series of filters.

It squirts a smooth stream of breeze. It blows clean air across the mouth and nose of the wearer.

The reasoning behind the Dyson zone is a bit Somber. It is worth noting that air pollution takes the lives of seven billion people each year. According to the World Health Organisation, 99% of the Global population breaths in the air, which exceeds the population limits.

It has a direct impact on middle and low-income countries. It suffers from the highest exposure.

As per the Global Alliance on population and health, India and China suffer more than 1.2 million air pollution-related accidents per year.

Public Health England claims that long-term exposure is a threat to the health of people in the UK. It causes about 28000 to 36000 death per year.

In brief, our air quality is killing us over time. But, when we put on a Dyson zone mask when heading out to the job, it filters about 0.19 Micron particles. It captures 99% of the 0.1-micron particles. It is as close to clean as you can get.

As far as the product goes, the Chrome effect plastic mouthpiece sits away From the face. You can pull it down quickly if you want to talk to someone. Despite its size, the whole limit gets surprisingly well-balanced. It is comfortable to wear, though we didn’t try the Dyson zone mask for more than a couple of minutes.

It comes with two tiny precision-engineered compressors with each ear cup. The negatively charged filters capture fine particles like allergens. It comes with a potassium-enriched carbon layer that grabs guess oxidants like sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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