Do This And You Can Watch YouTube Videos Without Ads!

By following this one simple trick you can continue to watch YouTube videos without ads. YouTube cannot work without advertisements.

After all, YouTube is a medium that connects advertisers with their target audience. It works really hard to make the ads non-disruptive.

But sometimes the ads are so annoying that the viewers even skip the entire video. But what if I tell you there is a backdoor that you can use to skip them and watch YouTube videos without ads?

You need not install any third-party application or plugin to do so. Seems surprising? Stay with us for a few minutes and you will know-how.

How Do YouTube Ads Work?

How Do YouTube Ads Work?

There are two types of ads which you might have noticed. If the ad is really long, YouTube gives you the freedom to skip them. While you might have to stay along for the shorter ones.

These in-stream ads are the main source of revenue for almost all YouTubers. If the viewer stays in the ad for more than 30 seconds the YouTuber gets paid and the ad-company gets charged with the same.

A report says that the people around the world are watching more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content per day. This generates more ad revenue to YouTube that is even higher than Television.

YouTube Doesn’t Provide A “Skip-All” Option

Viewers are the most important asset for YouTube and it cannot afford to lose them. On the other hand, ads are what generates revenue.

YouTube somehow has to manage, handle and satisfy both the sides. Proving a “Skip All Ads” option could please all the viewers. But it would stop any revenue which YouTube is earning in an instant.

This is why it is extremely difficult for you to find a permanent solution for this. Although there are certain third-party applications that are capable of doing it, there is a far easier way to approach this.

The Backdoor Trick

The Backdoor Trick

One particular trend found floating around Reddit seems to do the trick. All you have to do is just insert an extra slash “/” after the dot com in the URL of the video that you are trying to watch.

You can make this even more effective by posting the corrected URL on an incognito tab. When asked how the Redditor says that this trick works by hiding your hostname from the provider.

The content that you are watching will still get served but the provider will not be able to identify who’s accessing the content.

Therefore no cookies or CORS can get extracted to serve you ads. This trick looks silly but also seems to work well.


People should realise that using these back doors are not exactly legal and it is punishable by law. The only way to watch YouTube videos without ads is pretty simple, which is to become a YouTube Premium member.

Us watching videos with ads is what pays your favourite YouTuber to make engaging content. This little trick is just a glitch in YouTube’s programming which it would fix really soon. It is better for you to not depend on it.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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