Do These Things First – New Android Phone Setup

It’s time to celebrate because you bought a new mobile. Even if you haven’t, you should check out this article to know how to set up things. Every android owner should do these 6 things after opening the box. New android phone setup is really easy with this guide.

Don’t worry. I will not discuss the developer stuff. While getting started, you might miss out a few things that will create problems in the future. To avoid that you need to follow a systematic procedure that makes things easy for you.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Check out your device

Check out your device

First things first. Appreciate the mobile and just touch the screen. Admire its beautiful design and get mesmerized for a while. Ensure that the package is as specified. Take a moment, see whether the mobile looks like what you saw while buying.

SIM tool, charger, and other extras are part of the package. Check the condition of all accessories once. Read the warranty information once.

2. Prep for data downloading

Charge the mobile till you see the popup that says “Battery full. Unplug the charger”. You need to keep your phone fully charged to make sure that the setup process goes smooth.

WiFi draws less charge compared to mobile data. You need a download a lot of data, so it’s better to go with Wireless network.

3. Log into Google and see the magic

Log into Google and see the magic

The first time you start your phone, you will see a screen which is a walk through guide. This will vary from device to device. The first step would be Google Sign-In.

Once you Log-in, you are connected to a lot of services offered by Google. Automatically, Google will sync contacts and you don’t need to worry about calling your friend right away.

Once you are into the play store, you will witness the magic. A lot of apps start downloading right away. Just be patient, the storm will pass.

4. Disable bloatware

The issue with every smartphone manufacturer is that they pre-install a set of apps we don’t need. They eat up space and slow down your phone. The worst thing is that you can’t uninstall those apps.

The best thing is that you can disable. Then go to setting and select apps menu. You will see the list of apps installed. Disable the apps that you don’t need.

Keep this in mind, Google account setup is the only thing you need to do while getting started. No need to install any malware protection apps that pop up every now and then.

5. Install apps that you need

Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are popular and you don’t wanna miss them. Go to Play store and search the app that you want to install.

That’s enough, Google AI knows you are getting started. It recommends you to install other apps. Just install them one by one.

6. Secure your device

Secure your device

Everything is data today. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself from data theft. There are some malicious apps in the Play Store as well. So, it’s good to install an antivirus for protecting your device from malware attack.

Your credit card data and other sensitive information need the utmost protection. 2 step verification and pattern lock are some of the ways you can protect your device.


From setup to protection, we have discussed everything. A mobile is something that stays with us from the major part of the day. Its like a companion. We need the utmost attention to make sure that the mobile is in good shape.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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