Digantara and Dhruva the first to be authorised by IN-SPACe

  • Bengaluru’s Digantara and Hyderabad’s Dhruva first Indian start-ups to be authorized by IN-SPACe.
  • Both the satellites are set to launch on June 30.
  • The authority was granted in the national conference on (DeSSEI) Development of Space Start-ups Ecosystem in India.

Digantara, located in Bengaluru, and Dhruva Space, based in Hyderabad, became the first two Indian start-ups to acquire authorisation letters from (IN-SPACe) Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre on June 24. IN-SPACe promotion director Vinod Kumar said that these start-ups received the authorisation on the sidelines of (DeSSEI) Development of Space Start-ups Ecosystem in India.

Bengaluru’s Digantara will launch a weather monitoring satellite that will use their patented technology, meanwhile, Hyderabad’s Dhruva will launch its Dhruva Space Satellite Orbital Deployer – (DSOD 1U) which will test the satellites deployer technology so that it can be deployed for future international clients.

Pawan Kumar Goenka, IN-SPACe Chairman said, “The first two authorisations issued by IN-SPACe is an important milestone and mark the beginning of private space sector launches in India. IN-SPACe is delighted to facilitate the private sector’s participation in this journey.”

Both the company’s payloads are scheduled for a launch on June 30 as a part of ISRO’s PSLV-C53 mission.

“The PSLV C53 mission is a key milestone as this will demonstrate CubeSat deployers, developed in-house, ahead of the launch of our satellite missions, Thybolt 1 and Thybolt 2, onboard the PSLV C54 Mission. It will also help Dhruva support international clients with CubeSat deployers, integration, and launch services” Sanjay Nekkanti, CEO of Dhruva Space said.

Dhruva and Digantara will launch their satellites on (POEM) PSLV Orbital Experimental Module. The three Singapore satellites a part of Space PSU NewSpace India Limited’s mission will be the main payloads.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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