Cybersecurity : Top biggest Challenges in 2019

Cybersecurity refers to the process of guarding our data, software information and hardware against cybercrime. If we break the word into two parts we can have a better understanding. Term cyber means something related to technology and security means to protect from malicious interactions.

In this digital era where booking of a hotel room, ordering food or money transactions everything happens digitally. It is a golden age for a hacker to decipher the information and use it for personal benefits.


The data may be of personal, organizational or national importance. Any breaching to data which can of prime importance to someone is called Cybercrime. Cybercrime involves a system and internet connection. In cybersecurity, we aim at protecting the integrity and confidentiality of personnel’s data.

Hackers explore vulnerability and develop software for the same. These software aid him/her to lynch a cyber attack.

Types of Cyberattacks

The term is collectively used for a number of malicious software. This software is intentionally designed to harm or extract sensitive data, scripts, codes etc. They are planted by various means in the system of the user whose information is to be decoded. It includes viruses, trojans.

It refers to the process of conducting fraud by copying the legitimate information of an enterprise to extract the financial benefits from them. It involves the decoding of password and card details. In phishing, the hacker sends you an email and asks you to enter the personal information.

As easy as it sounds, password attacks means a third party trying to gain access to your information by cracking the password.

It stands for distributed denial of service(DDoS). It is a malicious attempt in which hacker intends to break the internet service. It happens by creating loads of unwanted traffic over his server. In layman terms, it is sending a lot of traffic on a road. This will clog the way by causing a traffic jam. Due to this, our regular traffic will suffer.
It requires a lot of exploited devices including computers laptops as well as the IoT devices.

We can start up with an example for ease of understanding. Suppose you are sending some amount of money to someone from your bank account via digital means.

This piece of information is meant to be confidential between you and your bank. But if there is someone which is talking to you impersonating as your bank. At some times talks to bank impersonating you. He can use the information. He can withdraw the money from your bank account anytime.

This is the most common method of plating malware in someone’s computer. Ever since we started using the internet. We witness various dialogue boxes appearing on our desktops. Download this anti-virus for free or you don’t have the latest version of this software get it for free.
No one does anything for anyone in free. Our psychology enforces us to click on the download bottom and our system gets struck.

We witness a lot of flash advertisements in our cell phones or when we open a reputed website. Mal advertisements are done to attract the user towards the product. Most of the advertisements carrying ransomware with them. Clicking on them initiates the process of giving personal information to them.

It is a fraud software which makes the user believe that there is a virus in his computer. Due to which a state of dilemma develops. User not only questions the goodwill of existing malware removal software. But necessarily keeps on paying for other software as well.


There are so many ways in which someone can breach into our computer. Extracts our data and personal information. The leaking of our data may be a threat to national security if we work in the government sector. That is why we must keep our antivirus up to date.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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