Cloudflare’s new DNS service called focuses on privacy of consumers and speeds up your web browsing

Cloudflare shared news on April Fool’s day about four 1’s which could help you to faster your web browsing. Today, it made an announcement that it’s launching a new DNS service for consumers called This tool is not an April Fool’s joke, but a serious tool which could allow you to quicken the load times of web pages on the internet. It also allows users to keep some data away from network providers. According to Cloudflare, this DNS service would be the fastest on the Internet and would consider privacy of the consumers first. In simple terms, we can say that entering number 1 four times into their DNS network info, consumers will be assisted by the Cloudflare in further processes. The URL typed by the consumers in the toolbar will be connected by its IP address. A request will be made to the DNS (Domain Name System) and the IP address of the site will get connected. You will get the required information for enabling it according to your device by going to

Startup’s authoritative DNS service for its consumers and this new DNS service are completely separate. But, this new DNS service take advantage of its existing network for providing the quickest speed possible to the consumers. It reduces few milliseconds from some Public DNS Services.


If you are operating on any Virtual Private Network (VPN), you won’t find this DNS service to be something magical. VPN still proves to be a better option for protecting your web activity from getting exposed. The company appears to deal with the situation how government used DNS (Domain Name System) for getting network providers to censor citizens from accessing the web. DNS can be used as a means of censorship against many of the groups protected by us. The company facilitates blocking and preventing cyber attacks, but if DNS of a consumer gets blocked, they could do nothing to help.

What’s new from the service?

According to the company, this new DNS service will help users to keep some data out of network/service provider’s hands. Even company would not keep the data in their hands for long. Cloudflare had pledged that they will never write any user’s IP address to disk and they would free all the logs from their system after 24 hours. Later on, CEO Matthew Prince stated in a blog that the company has made an arrangement for an independent audit firm by paying them to take a look at their code annually and ensure that they have been doing this.


Cloudflare has always tried to develop a secure future for the internet. Priority for security has always remained first for Cloudflare. Launching this new service seems to bring some positive changes for consumers in terms of privacy and speed.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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