CIA is Planning To Replace Human Spies With AI

CIA knows that human spies would soon be replicas of the past. According to Dawn Meyerriecks, the deputy director for technology development of the agency, CIA was redesigning its platform where its primary rival is a machine, rather than a foreign agent. Meyerriecks also added that other countries have relied on AI to track enemy agents for years. Explaining the difficulties faced by current CIA spies, she said that in the era of digital tracking and social media, CIA spies are trying to live under an assumed identity. So, the modern world is becoming an inhospitable environment for human spies.

But, CIA won’t give up. CIA, America’s oldest spy agency is transforming from the one that sends people around the world to collect information, to the one that uses computers to accomplish the same task more effectively. CIA has spent more than 30 years for this transformation.

AI Steering Group

Government documents from 1984 that were founded the previous year describe an “AI Steering Group”. This AI steering group provided the monthly reports of artificial intelligence research and development to the CIA bosses. From the declassified 1984 memo, the CIA recognized the future represented by AI technology, which most people believed to be science fiction. This document calls for more training for agents, a focus on supporting AI developers in both professional and academic environments, and the formation of an open-source AI clearinghouse for government agencies to share. Today’s spies face the same problem as they need to fool computers capable of picking and identifying out a single face in a crowd. Spies have always needed to be invisible. Earlier it was fooling people with fake documents and lies, and now fooling these computers.

Meyerrieck believes that at least 30 countries have the capability to do this with the current CCTV camera systems. So, counterintelligence tools are very important in today’s race. In the international game of hiding and seek, that is the global intelligence community, counterintelligence tools are leading. Next generation of AI will outclass the human spies with advancements in satellite tracking and geospatial intelligence. We have always seen spies in movies with cool gadgets, and now it is going to be seen in real.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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