China Want To Track Every Car By Putting RFID Chips and Start To Rolling Out In New Car

China is already trying to use the technology for its greater use. Earlier we heard the news that the government has installed brainwave detecting chips inside the worker’s hat to monitor their emotional state. Another was an installment of a facial scanner in class to monitor every student. Now, the government has taken a step to ensure the safety of cars.

Starting from next year, Chinese Government has made mandatory for all the newly registered car to have a tracking chip. The Wall Street Journals have reported that all the new cars will be equipped with highly trackable RFID Tags for easy tracking of cars.

RFID Chips

RFID Chips is same as that of EZ pass which is used in US highway tolls to monitor if the person is paying. While the chip does not harm anything, it means that government will have data about every driver and their location. And, there is no backing away from the policy. The Chinese government has made it mandatory to allow them to track the driver on certain points. If a person wants to back out, it will have its face scanned on the road cameras and face further penalties.

The chips will be able to track only the cars which will pass through some point. Most of the cars won’t appear on the GPS screen at the Chinese surveillance Head Quarters. But, the new chip will also mean that the government will have a lot of details about drivers. It will have details like who you are, where you are traveling to, what is your car and when you pass through a checkpoint. When asked about their introduction of these chips, the government simply said that “We want to track the cars to understand them better. It will help ease the traffic congestion and increase public security”.


The reason which was given by the Chinese Government looks absurd. Monitoring the traffic level requires radar systems, checkpoint sensor and nothing more. Tracking the cars for these purposes will be kind of too much by the Government. It does not require holding personal information about the drivers and car. Maybe, the government is looking more than that like, a total surveillance on the drivers.

James Lewis, a senior VC at Center for Strategic Studies said that “The Chinese Government is looking at a major view. They already had a social credit system, facial recognition, and now a car tracking system. They are looking for a total surveillance of the people in the country. They want to get total information about the people and their activities”.

Surprisingly, the RFID tracker is not a new thing in China. Last year, Xinjiang made GPS Tracking System compulsory in cars. It was made compulsory because of violence going on inside the province against the Muslim population. Including all these trackings will only make the state to spy on its own people and in turn, reduce the trust of people in the government.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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