Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Scientists Exposes Facebook’s Hypocrisy!

Scientists who operate under the Chan Zuckerberg initiative have begun voicing out their opinions against Facebook’s hypocrisy.

Facebook might seem like a platform with so much freedom to the outside world. But in reality, there are restrictions to regulate the type of content you post.

If they violate Facebook’s terms, your post can no longer sit on your page. There are various algorithms working 24X7 to keep this going.

Recently Facebook chose not to act on a post which acted against their social policy. This made them violate their own set of rules. Let us get into the details of it.

What Is The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative?

What Is The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative?

It represents the collective vision of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. The couple founded the initiative back in 2015.

It operates with just one but a huge goal in its hand. It works hard to come up with new technologies which would help solve the problems amongst society. Working on new ways to reform criminal justice is also one among their objectives.

Although founded by the Facebook couple, it operates as a separate entity. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative funds and supports a little shy of 150 scientists at the moment.

The Letter From The Scientists

The scientists personally sent a letter to Zuckerberg a while back. The letter had a request insisting Facebook to revise its policy against the usage of provoking language.

This is a direct response to the violent tweet from Trump. He tweeted that he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the people if they don’t stop looting.

The letter said that Facebook is supporting the misinformation and violent statements posted by the President. By doing so, Facebook is acting against its own rules it laid down.

This is not just supporting violence but also forming the roots of several problems. Facebook decided not to act upon the tweet since it believes that everyone’s entitled to voice out their opinions.

But by doing so, it is also threatening the policy of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

The Events That Led Up To This

The Events That Led Up To This

On May 29th, Facebook gave a public statement that it wouldn’t act upon Trump’s post. The fact that it still chose to do so even after it made a lot of people upset is difficult to comprehend.

Facebook says that all of its members have the right to speak what’s there on their mind and the president is no different.

By deleting the post, people wouldn’t be able to be the man that he is. If the post stays, people can make the right judgement.

In response to this, the employees of Facebook organized a virtual walkout and stopped going to work. This again imposed a lot of stress over Facebook. It released another official statement that it is trying hard to renew its security policy.


A speaker from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative says that CZI is a separate body and does not depend or work with Facebook.

He says that they have separate offices with separate goals to attain. The staff and the employees working over at CZI will not hesitate to voice out their opinions even if it concerns Facebook’s policy.

Facebook is yet to release an official statement responding to the letter.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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