Cambridge Analytica : Up to 87 million Facebook user’s data was shared

Facebook has formulated and stated nine ways by which it will keep user’s data more secure in the future. Everyone is aware of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and this news has hit the social media. Facebook is under a lot of trouble for sharing data of its millions of users with a research firm Cambridge Analytica. Finally, according to a post on the Facebook newsroom, the number of people affected by this scandal is bigger than earlier reports. Earlier Facebook reported that around 50 million user’s data was shared with Camrbidge Analytica. But, according to the latest report from the company, the number of people affected is much bigger. The company on Wednesday, April 4, reported that it believes Facebook information of around 87 million people, mostly from US, have been shared with Cambridge Analytica.

87,000,000 is really a huge number! It is but obvious that many people would have already lost hopes with the company, but in case you still have hopes from the company to come over from this mess, it has announced nine ways by which it will try to ensure data security to its users.

These 9 ways include:

1. Apps with Event API will not be able to access posts or guest lists shared on the event wall. Apps meeting with Facebook’s new ‘Strict Requirements’ will be able to use it in the future.

2. Third-party apps using Group API will require getting approval from Facebook and the group admin. Also, approved apps will not be allowed to access names or profile images attached to posts or comments.

3. Apps requiring access to Pages API will need to get approval from Facebook.


4. Apps with Facebook login will face ‘Strict Requirements’ and won’t be able to collect information on political or religious views, education, relationship status, etc.

5. The Instagram Platform API is being undervalued.

6. Facebook states it does not collect the content of test messages on Android smartphones and all the logs older than a year will be removed.

7. The feature of Partner Categories is being closed.

8. Facebook will display a link at the top of your Newsfeed from 9th of April that will list all the apps you use and what information is being shared with them.

9. Now, you won’t be able to look someone up on Facebook by searching for their phone number or email address.

With these changes made by Facebook for the privacy of users, will you continue to use the social network ahead?

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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