Biohacking – A revolutionary method companies are using to increase productivity

  • In the post-pandemic world, many companies are seeking organic initiatives such as biohacking to improve employee productivity.
  • Biohacking involves naturally reprogramming an individual’s brain to let go of bad habits to detox and understand one’s body and metabolism better.
  • In a trance of improvement, some people are taking biohacking to severe levels such as by intermittent fasting and hence ending up harming themselves.

The more the merrier is a proverb that is omnipresent in every sector of life. But during this post-pandemic phase, this proverb has found a new meaning amongst companies. Different companies are trying to increase their productivity by using different methods and life hacks. One of the most prevalent ones nowadays is Biohacking; a lifestyle trend that is gaining momentum towards popularity. The importance of the welfare of the employees has become of utmost importance in this post-pandemic world.

Now that offices are being reopened although in a different hybrid work mode some companies have begun using Biohacking. They aim to increase the productivity of the employees and make the workplace environment better. Such measures accompanied with the general improvement in the life of the employee will ensure skyrocketing figures for the company.

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking, also known as human enhancement is a self-improvement technique and biologically approved process to increase productivity and the general well-being of a human being. It is fully natural and has no chemicals or drugs involved and is assured to be safe. It’s more about naturally training your body and mind to work better, live better and breathe cleaner. Biohacking has existed in our world since ancient times. Some old but very effective techniques are meditation and intermittent fasting which have had positive results in one’s life.

In today’s world, Dopamine Fasting is a very major aspect of Biohacking. It is a method where people shun addictive aspects of one’s life such as social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to go on a digital detox. Reports have claimed that this does have a very positive influence on the brain and helps increase concentration in studies and work.
Essentially Biochacking is an experiment that is not done in a university or one’s private laboratory but one’s personal life. The main goal of Biohacking is to study one’s body and optimize it to the maximum so we can live life to the fullest potential.

Use of Biohacking by companies

Companies have started to implement Biohacking to increase their employee’s productivity. An example of such a company is Monrow Shoes and Accessories. The CEO of Monroe Shoes and Accessories has claimed that Biohacking practices have helped them reduce unnecessary stress and pressure on the employees. Not only that, but she also added that these practices had a very positive influence on their general health and energy levels while working. Naturally, the productivity graph of the employees of this company saw an upward rise. She also added that their office space now had an air of optimism around and people felt more attached to their work. It felt like a system they are a part of nature and not something just on their to-do list which they had to finish and head home as soon as they could. All these factors served as an indicator of a healthy and happy work environment where employees are proactive and not under extreme pressure which is often associated with the phenomenon called workplace.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is himself an avid follower of this cleaner lifestyle. He has implemented Biohacking in his very own life and has always heaped praise on this process stating that its positive influences are life-changing. The two techniques which he implements are intermittent fasting and drinking salt juice every morning. Dorsey also wears The Oura Ring – a sleep and activity tracker which has infrared LEDs, an NTC body temperature sensor, and a gyroscope. This device helps him track his activities and sleep patterns which goes on to help him work better and know his body and metabolism at a much intricate level. Knowledge about one’s metabolism and body plays a very important role in Biohacking.

Downsides of Biohacking

Like every coin has two sides, the story about the magical benefits of biohacking too is no exception. Since it’s an evolving concept and continues to date to be in its infancy stages, some aspects are harmful or signal danger.

People often cross the line of self-improvement and betterment at obsessive magnitudes and unintentionally cause harm to themselves. Some extreme cases of Biochacking too have been noted. Josiah Zener had injected himself with DNA using the gene injecting technology called CRISPR CAS. He is a scientist and is known for his self-experiments. He has even gone on to the extent of genetically changing the color of his skin. Scientists and researchers have said that he is going to end up hurting himself and detrimental effects are bound to happen as we do not have the complete knowledge of these experiments as of now. In the pursuit of better, he could end up losing his life due to insufficient knowledge.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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