Bihar Gov. allowed exploration of India’s ‘largest’ gold reserve in Jamui district

  • Bihar government has decided to permit the exploration of the “country’s largest” gold reserve in the Jamui district
  • Jamui has 222 million tonnes, says the survey
  • Bihar holds the highest share of India’s gold reserves.

A senior officer has reported “the Bihar government has decided to give permission for exploration of the “country’s largest” gold reserve in Jamui district.” On Saturday. Geological Survey of India (GSI) survey says that around 222.88 million tonnes of the gold reserve, including 37.6 tonnes of mineral-rich ore, are present in the Jamui district.

Additional Chief Secretary cum Mines Commissioner Harjot Kaur Bamhrah told PTI that “The consultation process started after analyzing the GSI findings which indicated the presence of gold in areas such as Karmatia, Jhajha, and Sono in Jamui district,” 

She said the State government is going to sign an MoU with a Central agency or agencies for G3 (preliminary) stage exploration within a month’s time. “The state Mines and Geology Department is in consultation with agencies engaged in the exploration, including GSI and the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC), for exploration of gold reserves in Jamui.” She concluded “In certain areas, G2 (general) exploration can also be carried out”

 Union Minister of Mines Pralhad Joshi last year informed the Lok Sabha that Bihar holds the highest share of India’s gold reserves. He said that Bihar has 222.885 million tonnes of a gold metal, which amounts to 44% of the total gold reserves in the country in his written findings.

“As per the National Mineral Inventory, the total resources of primary gold ore in the country as of 1.4.2015 are estimated at 501.83 million tonnes with 654.74 tonnes of gold metal and out of this, Bihar is endowed with 222.885 million tonnes (44 percent) of ore containing 37.6 tonnes of metal,” said Mr.Joshi

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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