Bezos And Musk’s Satellite Internet Will Save Americans $30B A Year

Bezos’ and Musk’s internet satellite will become in to play very soon. LEO or Low Earth orbit satellites for broadband internet access has already been started to display signs of its actual potential. Recently, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has expressed its space intentions by announcing a new project called Kuiper. It is a 3,236-satellite constellation. Furthermore, Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink has also launched a rocket containing 60 satellites from Florida’s Cape Canaveral recently.

A new era of the fight for space internet supremacy


Above all, a new era of the fight for space internet supremacy is on. Both Bezos’ and Musk’s internet satellite, along with others like One Web, are spending billions of dollars in space programs. The only hope is, making further billions once the satellites go into space and start its job for consumers of the US as well as others around the globe.

According to SpaceX, it will launch service to North America first. But once its full array is in place, SpaceX has plans to roll its service out across the world. Consequently, anywhere with access to open skies could be covered. Furthermore, Amazon has a global aspiration for its project too.

These low Earth orbit satellites have the potential to shift the broadband internet market and save consumers $10 s of billions of their own. The technology can save Americans more than $30 billion per annum, once it comes in to play. Bezos’ and Musk’s internet satellite will certainly do a great job then.

How is it superior?

These low Earth orbit satellites will be able to bring low-latency broadband internet to millions of Americans as well as other the consumers of other countries. Those Satellites will orbit very close to Earth, around 99 to 1200 miles. In comparison, traditional GEO satellites orbit 22,000 miles away. Consequently, it means less time to transfer information & quality service. Indeed better than wired cable and fiber broadband providers. The satellite arrays will be precisely mapped into massive constellations in order to maximize coverage.

What will happen if LEO tech comes in?


Consequently, LEO technology will certainly provide robust internet access to under-served and rural communities which lacks wired & low-latency broadband options. The arrival of this technology will also cut down monthly internet prices for hundreds of millions of Americans.

The average lowest available monthly pack for the Americans with only one wired broadband provider is around $68. Certainly, that’s not very cheap, but the LEO technology will heat the market. Because it will provide true broadband for a relatively low price. Furthermore, according to the early prediction, a huge price drop will be there in the traditional broadband. not only that, if the LEO tech shows up well, then we may also see a new tech revolution and the extinction of the traditional wired broadband.

You must check SpaceX project Starlink makes a huge step forward to provide internet to the entire world.

Take away


Provided the two ambitious projects become successful over the next several years, those who currently don’t have a wired connection or no broadband connection at all will get access to high performing internet. With further tests scheduled and plans to begin serving customers as early as the middle of next year, the broadband industry’s very own space race is heating up indeed. Only time will tell how further the tech giants can go.

Thanks to Bezos’ and Musk’s internet satellite, It will save a lot of money of the consumers of the US. Besides that, once the satellites are completely planted, the rest of the world will get the opportunity to use the low latency internet. The pros are certainly known to us. But what about the cons. We don’t know about the maintenance matter. How will the companies fix the satellites if anything goes wrong, what will happen if any asteroids hit them, a lot of questions? Only time will give us the answer.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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