Are Algorithms Hacking Our Thought Process? And Is It Danger To Our Life?

Every other website or application is based on certain algorithms which evaluate their users and perform the actions. Twitter has become a common platform to let users share their public opinion, Tinder helps in dating, Facebook shapes readers thought and so on. The algorithms developed by the people help us find information which influences our life. It seems like we are increasingly relying on them and they play a major role in our daily life. Cambridge Analytica – the biggest scam which happened with the data of users and if used in a manipulating way can hack the human thoughts. But, algorithms weren’t supposed to work in this way. They are there for the humans as their digital companion. When you want to travel to an unknown destination, Google Maps comes to the rescue. It helps us find the shortest and fasted path to reach our destination using some algorithms. When we search for any news, Google displays it on the front page within seconds. It helps us in solving real-life problems and optimize our decisions which can make a major impact on our lives. It would be even better if the algorithms knew our likes, dislikes and our preferences to certain things. In that way, it will help us to arrive at the most suitable decision without wasting much time thinking about them.

Glancing through a single article might help us to get to the solution easily instead of timelessly searching the internet. We could focus all our time on the things that really matter, curating our digital image on various social platforms. Karl Marx was the first well-known person who said that machines predict the way we behave and the algorithms helps them in this.


The well known online shopping website – Amazon helps us to browse through various products, compare them to every other criterion and purchase the one which satisfies our needs. Using this, Amazon finds our the preferences of the user and saves it for further use. The next time a user logs into its account for purchasing a new product, Amazon uses its previously saved preferences to suggest him related products and thereby increases its sales. When we log into our Facebook account, we see advertisements fairly related to the products which we searched. They explain to us the advantages of choosing the product and divert us towards buying them.



Every service which is offered by any company, they acquire your feedback once the task is completed. From Uber cab rides to Housekeeping, they ask for a rating on a scale of 1-10. This rating helps the companies to determine your recommendations and service them more appropriately in the future. The algorithms here are used to understand the ratings and reviews provided by the users and serve the people better thereby improving the status of the company.



For most of the people who have access to the internet, they must be knowing about Google. Google is a search engine which indexes all the web pages for appropriate keywords to present them to the users when required. Whenever a user needs to find something, he/she simply opens the search engine and type his requirements directly in the search box. Google then finds the appropriate webpage from its index and displays them to the users in a specific order.


Algorithms help us to define our lifestyle in a more clear way than what we know about ourself. They help us to find our needs directly and improve the way we use the internet. The algorithms defined are trying to hack our thought process which can end as a danger to our life. Sooner or not, they will result in shaping our society and if we don’t take steps to make ourselves the owner of the algorithms rather than being a subject for their study.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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