Apple seems to build an iPhone with touchless gestures

Apple’s iPhone X lets you unlock your device with Face Recognition, which means unlocking your device without even touching it. So, now it seems Apple may be working on a way to allow you to use your phone without touching it either.

Touchless Gesture Control

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple seems to be working on “touchless gesture control” which would allow its users to control some tasks by moving their fingers close to the screen without actually touching it. For instance, how many styluses are available in the market that allows you to hover over your screen without touching anything? Think about it! If Apple chooses to move forward with this technology, which is advanced enough and considers the proximity of a finger to the screen, it would definitely take two long years for bringing it into implementation. You can expect this to be something far from the first time we have been introduced to touchless gesture controls. Google’s Project Soli is an example of it, but still it required you to hold your phone most of the time to use it. But, this is not a primary way intended by the company to interact with the device. This could be either used for actions you basically can’t do on a smartphone (hovering over the internet and websites comes first in the mind). Apple has some really great ideas to work on it.


Curved OLED display device

Bloomberg also claims that Apple is trying to have a phone in the future with a curved OLED display. Unlike Samsung’s recent device, which are curved on its side edges, the new iPhone would have its edges curved from top to bottom. Apple would not be first to do this; Samsung and Google’s Galaxy Nexus already had a shape slightly similar to a banana. Also, LG had a G Flex series which took this trend to a next level with a phone that could actually bend under pressure to prevent shattering. The curved shape has another advantage that allows the phone’s top to be reached easily in handheld use.

According to an earlier report, iOS 12 is about to launch later this year. It would feature Animoji in FaceTime, better Siri integration, and would overall focus on the quality instead of introducing many features. It is sure that these features would not be seen for quite some time even if they are planned and brought into implementation. All these features are in the R&D stage. So, we could not expect these features to appear before a couple of years.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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