Apple is providing 200GB of space for free to new iCloud subscribers for two months

Apple has decided a new offer of iCloud for US customers. Customers from US who haven’t signed up for iCloud yet can avail this offer. 9to5Mac discovered this offer on a Reddit thread. The offer states: new subscribers on any of the four big US carriers can avail 200GB of space for free. (validity of offer: two months)

Get ready with your new iPhone

For this, Apple is partnering with the four huge carriers in the US to introduce this new iCloud offer. Customers who are upgrading their iPhone plans will receive a unique link which allows them to avail 200Gab of iCloud storage. Moreover, this is free for the first two months. Apple has specially introduced this offer for users to ‘get ready with their new iPhone’.

In order to prepare you with your new iPhone, this storage space will be available for the first two months. Once your offer expires, iCloud storage plan would revert to the normal one. If you have never purchased any iCloud storage plan, then the offer would revert back to the 5GB plan that Apple provides for free.

If you are wishing to buy 200GB of iCloud storage, it would cost you $2.99 per month. Else, you can continue with the free plan.

If you are having a new iPhone, you can go to this link to claim this offer. Although, the deal seems pretty good, but it is only available for US customers who haven’t signed up for iCloud service yet. After availing and using this 200GB of free space, customers will have yo pay $2.99 per month to continue with the plan.

For Apple, it is very common to attract its customers to get signed up for its services. Offering some GB of storage space for few months can very well attract users to get signed up with its service. But, when you have already spent out hundreds of dollars for a new device and bought the subscription, this deal seems a bit irritating. Also, Apple offered 5GB for free to its users and introduced a free month plan earlier this year. This free month plan includes 50GB, 200GB and 2TB offers for its new subscribers.

This new offer does not differ a lot from those other offers. But, it provides you an extra month that could be something you might need. Also, if you are specially looking for an iCloud service, this deal is pretty good to look out for. Having iCloud’s 200GB of space for free for two months isn’t something you want to miss.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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