Apple planning to make iPads cheaper. Here’s how they might be planning

Apple announced an education-focused event in Chicago on March 27. Then onwards, it has been expected for new hardware updates in iPads. The company might be planning to make a new version of iPad which will be supporting education market. The education market is head by Chromebooks which are more flexible and cheaper than iPads. Chromebook runs on Google’s Chrome OS and has a lead position in education market. Currently it covers around 60 percent of the K-12 education market while Apple covers 17 percent. Apple’s iPad has been outclassed by Chromebook in the education market Reducing the initial price of iPads could somehow help Apple to cover more share in the education market. Apple has already started to work in this direction by cutting price of iPad last year. This made Apple to invert decline of 13-quarter trend. iPad Pro models provide better screens, new design and Apple Pencil Stylus at higher prices.

So, making some changes in the price of iPad could certainly help to make better sales in global as well as education market. But, here comes the problem! Apple owns the title of “the world’s most valuable corporation”. So, how will Apple lower the price after the consideration of profit margin?


Considering all the possibilities, here are some ways company could make changes to offer a less-expensive iPad for education:

Making it feel similar to Chromebook

It is but obvious that when you are competing with a cloud-based device, you need to be strong in cloud. iPad initially offers 32GB to 128GB for local storage while Chromebooks are satisfied even with 16GB inbuilt storage. Many software based on cloud-servers make it easier to use these devices for education purpose. Also, devices could be easily locked if they are used except for primary work, as they are working on cloud-based servers. Apple can try to drop some features at initial stage for getting a good start in education market and add the remaining features in the later versions.

Selling devices more specifically

Separating basic hardware (devices) from accessories could help. Selling the basic hardware or devices at lower price and later on making up sales for accessories by convincing students and teachers to invest in add-ons. Keyboards, stylus, cases, extra chargers, etc could be separated and sold. Many of the devices require essential add-ons with it. This makes device more costly. So, differentiating features for specific devices could help to focus education market. According to the MacRumors, Apple is likely to come up with a new low price 9.7 inch iPad. It is likely to support Apple Pencil.


Making profit by a large volume

In 2017, iPads were sold for as low as $249 especially during shopping seasons or holidays. Its cost was reduced by making many changes in its hardware. So, it could be easily sold at lesser prices. Selling them with lesser profits can accomplish similar profit by gaining more volume. Also, selling them at losses to educational institutions and students could do a noble task and attract long-term Apple customers. During big sales, it can be easily sold at $250 without hurting anyone and all the sacrifices could be covered. Providing some facilities such as subsidy could easily help Apple to get in the education market. Youth can get fascinated by such offerings and this could make Apple to earn more reputation.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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