Apple patched a USB vulnerability To Keep Police or Hackers

Recently, a flaw was detected with the Apple devices which allowed people to access data through USB. Even if the users are not aware of the passcode, the data were easily accessed by connecting using a USB cable. Regarding all the issues, Apple has decided to patch it with its latest update. According to Apple, the latest update will prevent the devices from being exploited by the hackers or legal consultants to access the devices through USB.

Recently, many law agencies are in issues with Apple to give them the device access. Regarding all this, Apple has decided to be in favor of the owners to protect their device. The new patch allows the users’ device to be protected. While many countries are fighting with Apple over the issue, many law agencies are using third-party devices. These hardware devices are specially designed to crack the device security and access the data.

New Patch Details

Previously, it was easy for the officers to access the device. They force the person to use the FaceID to unlock the device. The fingerprint was also used to get access to the device but these features don’t unlock the device once a wrong passcode has been entered five times. The device locks up and it is possible to unlock them only by using the correct passcode. Before the patch rolled out, the agencies were able to unlock the device within a weeks’ time of being successfully unlocked with the passcode. Now, with the new update, the phones can be unlocked only within an hour of successful passcode entry.

Apple’s Take On The Issue

Apple takes the security of their users very seriously. When a reporter asked Tim Cook regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal, he said that he is not concerned with it as it does not affect them. “We try to keep our privacy at the highest level and respect them. We are never going to be in such a situation like Facebook”. But now, the spotlight has shifted to Apple with the recent issues. And, it’s not against the company but from the company. In the recently concluded WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) Apple said that they are taking the privacy issue more seriously.

The company seems very careful regarding the data collected from the users and how it is used. They want to keep the privacy at a very high level and makes the users feel safe. The patch essentially does this so the user data is protected till the time they want it to be revealed. It will not be wrong to say that Apple is leading the tech companies in privacy concerns. Maybe other companies can follow the same path as of Cook and his team members to make the users feel safe. Afterall, every company is made by users trust and damaging it will only end up damaging their own company.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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