Apple might Introduce a New Subscription Plan for Music, News & TV Shows

Recently, Apple has been in news for many new features and updates. At the WWDC, Apple came up with the latest iOS 12 updates for its device and a new Mac OS 10.14 for MacBooks. However, Apple is not stopping there. According to rumors which are pretty much confirmed, Apple is looking forward to coming up with its very own platform for music, news, and tv shows. It seems like Apple is following Amazon making a service similar to the Amazon Prime Videos. The Information, one of the most reputable sources has reported the new product being added by the Apple. With the new addition, Apple will try to attract the consumer to buy more of their products.

Will Apple Be Successful?

Apple is one of the forerunners in the tech industry. They are able to attract many users to buy their products. None of the other companies has been successful in luring the consumers to buy a variety of products from them. The main idea behind the new platform will be trying to be different from its competitors like Amazon Prime Videos.

For improving the platform, Apple Music will be added to it. Apple Music already has 40 million users and are planning to invest $1 billion to bring original content on the platform. In the News section, Apple acquired Texture which is a famous publication platform. They have around 200 publications on an average which will be a great asset for them. In the new MacBook update, Apple has bought News to its laptops too for the readers. The redefined News app is rumored to be launched next year in partnership with Texture.


Apple is relatively a newcomer in the subscription fee field. For so many years, Apple has resisted making its platform subscription based owing to the success of its iTunes app. However, in the recent years streaming music have become more famous and a better option for the users. This might be one of the reasons Apple is looking forward to making a new platform for its users.

Recently, in an interview, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon has said that Amazon has nearly 100 million paid users who have subscribed to the Prime Membership. Every user pays a fee of $119 to avail special benefits. The benefits like an early sale, free and fast shipping, Prime Videos and so on are included in the pack. Users find it worth to invest in such as it offers them a lot many benefits. However, Amazon Prime may not be the only competitor of Apple in this field. NetFlix, the well-known platform has made $8 billion in 2018. YouTube, a Google product who is a pioneer in videos has recently introduced their $11.99 monthly subscription plan for Premium Contents. Hence, the revenue figures of these companies might have impressed Apple to make something of their own.

It is not sure when Apple will come up with their all-in-one platform but it is certain that they are gathering a lot of resources to support them in this. Apple is known for its creativity and quality and they will certainly try to maintain it in this platform too. We will have to wait till there are any official announcements but the users can be well excited about this!

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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